Living with Aura-Soma

Friday, February 26, 2016

You could say that I fell in to the beauty of Aura-Soma® by accident. Or you could say that it was destiny. I say destiny … because when I was a little girl of about 8 years of age my mum used to take me with her to get her legs waxed. Whilst she was getting de-fluffed, I would stare in wonder at a collection of coloured bottles on one the tables in the room. I remember asking Janet (the therapist) what they were at the time as they captivated and amazed every little cell in my curious body. Fast forward 22 years, whilst living in the United States, and there I am face to face with these beautiful... 

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

This month we have a LIVE NATIVE Love Lube valued at $45.60 each to give away to one of our much loved Be Naturallyou customers. LIVE NATIVE Love Lube is a seductively aromatic ‘all-purpose’ premium quality sex lubricant. Totally free from any preservatives, Love Lube is both toxin-free and edible. The sensuously aromatic raw-blend of essential oils have by nature, a particular affinity with the sexual organs, and the coconut oil base in Love Lube contains 3 important Fatty Acids – Lauric, Caprylic and Capric – all known for their anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. To... 

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hemp hemp hooray

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Please be aware that this is not my usual ‘light and fluffy’ post. Whilst I have some exciting news for you … we are now stocking LARIESE HEMP SEEDS proudly grown in New Zealand and certified organic … I also have a wake up call to give you. LARIESE is the only brand of hulled hemp seed / hemp protein product that we recommend. A number of Asian companies will register in Australia either themselves or by selling to an Australian company, so their products can be accepted in Asia under the guise of being an Australian product which has actually been manufactured in Asia under what could... 

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Save the Date

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Would you like to gift yourself 3 days to nurture your body, mind and being? Listening to music that heals; soaking up the colours that you be; experiencing the vibration of crystal essences; and breathing in the scents of herbs, flowers and other botanicals that your being is calling out for … that would be a YES PLEASE from me!!! My oh so adorable husband is facilitating 2 courses from 16 – 20 June 2016 in Byron Bay. A 3-day experiential course where you can learn how to integrate the potentials of Aura-Soma in to your daily life, as well as sharing it with other people to earn an additional... 

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the most luxurious creams you will ever use

Friday, January 1, 2016

  There are a few things that irk me when it comes to statements that brands and restaurants, for example, use to lure people to make a purchase. How many “best pizza in the world”, “best selling author”, “best restaurant of the year”, or “best face cream” taglines have you seen boldly printed on all singing and dancing signs. My husband and I often joke about it, saying “as voted for by their mum”. You may think I’m cynical, but really, come on, let’s be real for a moment… language is over used and abused these... 

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Healthy Teeth and Gum Care


  1. LIVING LIBATIONS Dental Care;  2. DR TUNG’S Dental Care; 3. RIDDLE’S CREEK Toothpaste and Mouthwash Dental care is not something to experiment with. We take it very seriously here at Be Naturallyou, which is why we only choose the most effective, leading edge brands based on traditional knowledge. The health of teeth and gums can effect the rest of the body, so it’s not something that we’d recommend you to play around with. Passing trends... Read More




  Shop your favourite luxuriously natural, organic, vegan beauty products at a fraction of the price. Limited stock is available and sale prices will not be repeated. > GO TO THE SALE     TweetEmail Read More


Mani and Pedi Essentials


1. CRYSTAL nail file ; 2. AEOS biodynamic nail & cuticle oil with rose quartz ; 3. INTENSAE 5-free nail lacquers ; 4. LIVE NATIVE fresh feet therapeutic moisturising balm ; 5. LIVING LIBATIONS hooray hand creme ; 6. AEOS enriching spelt hand cream.   When you have the perfect tools and intensely pigmented saturated 5-free colour, creating a perfectly polished look is super easy. Beauty tip: To prevent nails from chipping, replace your nail file with a crystal... Read More


Beauty from within


1. YAEYAMA PACIFICA chlorella ; 2. OLIVE LEAF AUSTRALIA olive leaf extract ; 3. Udo’s 3 • 6 • 9 Oil Blend® ; 4. LIFESTREAM biogenic aloe vera juice ; 5. POWER SUPERFOODS maca powder ; 6. LOVING EARTH gubinge powder ; 7. MOROCCAN NATURAL pure pearl powder ; 8. BE GENKI organic herbal teas   When it comes to nutrition, I’m your girl. Having studied Holistic Nutrition at college for 3 years, with a further 10+ years of extensive research, pretty much every... Read More



Kris Abbey


5 MINUTES WITH NATURAL BEAUTY, KRIS ABBEY PUBLISHING EDITOR OF SPA LIFE MAGAZINE, BETTER HEALTH MAGAZINE, COMBINING HER PASSION OF HEALTH AND WELLNESS WITH WRITING, TRAVEL AND SPA   One of the things I love most about working in the health and beauty industry is the friendships I’ve made with other women in the industry. There isn’t […]



Postcards from My Veggie Garden

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 3.32.57 AM

Many of you have asked why we don’t have a huge range of inner beauty / nutrition products on our shop … I really do not wish to insult you, as I know you are all savvy women who do a lot of research. But when it comes to nutrition, how do you know whether […]