Tried and Tested: 14 Day Cleanse

Let me start by saying that I’m a big fan of Don Tolman. Love his talks. Love the simplicity and common sense of his philosophy. Love his books. Love his infectious energy. Love it all. So it was as much as shock to me as it probably sounds to you reading this, that despite my love for all that he does over the years, I hadn’t yet experienced his “14 Day Cleanse.” So here it goes…

Lots of travel, a love for food and a little more alcohol than I’m usually used to left me feeling a little “blah” recently. Am sure you can relate. You know those times when you’ve been putting a little too much on the plate, drinking a little more wine than usual and press snooze on the alarm clock telling yourself that your morning exercise ritual can wait until tomorrow; that today is a day to enjoy the sleep in. Call me a little on the cautious side but I prefer to catch myself BEFORE I get any sort of sickness or dis-ease, so these type of signs are big warning bells for me to do something to change this downward spiral, before anything does manifest in the body.

It’s not normal (or healthy) to feel lethargic. It’s not normal (or healthy) to feel sluggish in the morning. It’s not normal (or healthy) to have poor digestion or feel bloated. It’s not normal (or healthy) to have skin issues. Unfortunately in today’s society these types of symptoms have become the “norm” and we think the best way to cope with feeling a little drowsy in the morning is to grab a cup of coffee; or we think that it’s perfectly normal to pack on the extra kilos as the years go by; or we reach for that “oh so convenient pill” to ease a headache or some kind of stomach or digestive issue. If this in any way is what you think, then it’s time to press the “delete” button on your hard drive, and be re-educated. Coffee is not going to be beneficial for the health of your body or mind. You can age and keep the same dress size. Pharmaceuticals are not beneficial for the health of your body or mind.

So, what to do when you’re felling a little “not so great”? How about the Don Tolman 14-Day Cleanse to help restore your natural health and vitality. It surely helped put a spring back in my step. Following is what you can expect.

Day 1 and Day 2 (as well as Day 13 and Day 14) consist of drinking two different kind of Cleanse Me packets on the hour, every hour, for a total of 10 hours. One contains psyllium husks and a number of other ingredients, and the other bentonite clay, also with supporting ingredients. These are designed to give the immune system a natural boost by cleaning out the colon. I must say that the act of drinking something, i.e. putting something in my mouth each hour, made these two days a lot easier than you’d think. Somehow the Cleanse Me drinks are satisfying and the taste to me was really quite yummy. Never thought I’d imagine myself actually looking forward to drinking a glass of clay or psyllium husks, but yes, that’s exactly what the reality was towards the end of each hour. I did also sip on herbal tea in between each hour, so as to ensure my additional water intake was 2 litres.

The evening of Day 2 and morning of Day 3 was the most challenging for me, and the only time that I felt a little “not so good”, tired and wanting to just crawl up in bed. But I powered though and my gosh it was absolutely 100% positively worth it.

For days 3 to 12 you have one bag of Pulse to nibble on throughout the day. Pulse is an ancient sacred recipe containing over 28 natural whole food ingredients designed to detox and improve the functioning of every vital system in your body. Each bag is filled with wholesome, nutrient-dense ingredients including dates, walnuts, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, cashews, sesame seeds, figs, quinoa, buckwheat (to name a few) – which have been purposefully combined and handcrafted according to an “ancient” blend that Don Tolman spent 17 years researching and discovering.

Pulse tastes so damn good that I now purchase the bags just to have as snacks, as well as the absolute necessity for a road trip, when all that’s on offer are Fast Food or dodgy petrol station sandwiches that look like they’ve been sitting there for days.

I also started the day with a mug of warm water and the juice of half a lemon, and had a fresh vegetable juice of carrot and beetroot in the afternoons.

From the mid-morning of Day 3 onwards I felt A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Honestly, truly, fabulously, incredibly amazing. I had an abundance of energy. I was focused. I sprung out of bed each morning with vibrance. My skin looked clear and beautiful. The little layer of excess fat dropped off me. The whites of my eyes became more white.

One funny thing that did become very clear to me was the amount of time in the day that revolves around meals. The preparing, the cooking, the eating and the cleaning up. Suddenly I was blessed with a huge amount of extra time each day and evening. So all those little things that I’d been wanting, intending and hoping to do as soon as time permitted, got completed in no time. How awesome huh!

One little tip … if you can do it with your boyfriend, partner, lover or housemate … whoever you happen to be sharing the home with, then I’d strongly recommend it. If it were not for my lovely hubby I think I would have thrown the towel in on Day 4. We really supported each other through it, whilst also playfully torturing each other by talking about the types of things we wish we were eating.

Yes, I did miss certain foods; yes I did talk way too much about all the sorts of meals I wish I was eating (especially around dinner time); and yes, I did rely upon my Chocolate Lip Balm in between nibbles of the Pulse to get the heavenly scent and sensation of cacao. And finally, yes I did make the mistake of putting way too much food on my plate on Day 15. Let that be a gentle reminder, to me and you, to reduce portion sizes please. We don’t need to eat the amount of food that we’re accustomed to. Not sure about you, but my eyes have always been much bigger than my tummy. The 14 Day Cleanse proved this to me very clearly. Now, I just need to remember it.

Quite simply, I love food. I love growing it, I love talking to it as it grows giving a little love to each leaf, I love preparing a delicious vegan meal, I love sitting down and enjoying the meal with loved ones and I love the taste of the rainbow of foods. But yes, I’m also massive big fan of the 14 Day Cleanse and will be making it an annual ritual to spring clean my insides.

To find out more about the 14 Day Cleanse please go to:
Don Tolman‘s personal website

To purchase Don Tolman’s PULSE in Australia go to: Alkaline World

Following are 8 Reasons Why You need to do this Cleanse:

Parasites & Bad Bacteria
You may think that you eat well, but unless you regularly “cleanse”, a large portion of your energy may well be feeding parasites and bad bacteria living in your body.

Heavy Metals
Lead. Chromium. Mercury. Gaseous Petroleum. Fluoride. We are exposed to these and more every-single-day. Unless you take the time to eradicate with the right program these heavy metals will be weighing you down, keeping you far from best performance.

Toxic Buildup
Today there are so many chemicals and preservatives in the water, air and food supplies that it is impossible not to be exposed. ‘14 Day Cleanse’ is designed to help eliminate this buildup and get you back to your pure self.

Lethargy, Apathy or Depression
You wake up feeling less than your best. You’ve lost that buoyancy and youth. Taking the stairs are a chore. You need alcohol or drugs to dance. You do not feel awake until you have a coffee. Any of these things are signs that you’ve lost your vitality and a proper cleanse is on the cards.

Lost clarity, Vision and Purpose
It happens to everyone and the common belief it’s just a part of life. But what most people do not realise is that the bodies health directly affects our feeling of clarity vision and purpose. During and after the ‘14 Day Cleanse’ as your vitality restores a new sense of clarity and purpose you had long forgotten returns with zest.

Breaking habits can be tough… real tough, and without the right support for your bodies needs, whatever the addiction is, it can be a pointless exercise. ‘14 Day Cleanse’ is designed to give your body everything it needs through the process so that while you’ve got the willpower, you will not be let down by your body craving the vital nutrients it needs to stay strong with you.

Pimples and Skin issues
It’s not much fun looking in the mirror every morning wanting to plaster on a few layers of makeup to hide the real you. Imagine walking out the door feeling your natural skin gave that air-brush a complex. Revenge is sweet. ‘14 Day Cleanse’ rewinds the years off your skin giving you that youthful glow, shine and beauty to die for. And everybody knows the best revenge is great health.

Excess Weight
There is a million and one weight loss programs on the market today. Most of them don’t work because they fail to change your bodies desire to just enjoy natural whole foods. Pulse provides all the right oils, vitamins, nutrients, sugars and tastes in just the perfect combination so that your process to a new you isn’t a painful mission, but an enjoyable experience your body thanks you for.


10 Comments on “Tried and Tested: 14 Day Cleanse

  1. OK, here I go. Starting my Detox today. I have the benefit of Far Infra Red Sauna to help me detox also. Off to Basecamp with Don at the end of August, I will be ship-shape & ready to consume all his teaching… Thanks for the info & heads up.

  2. Great to hear Kerrianne 🙂 Have a wonderful time at Basecamp. I’d love to hear how you get along there. Love x Samantha

  3. Did you know that the Don Tolman International site is not Don Tolmans but someone copying him!!! The real site for Don is I just found that out since I purchased a package from them and then found out that the international one has always been someone coping Don 🙁 Please make the change or use the correct to help support Don and his family!! Thanks

  4. Hi Kent,
    Thank you for letting me know about this. I’ve just sent an email to Don Tolman in the USA asking about the Don Tolman International Site. Changes have been updated to this page.
    Best wishes for happy days ahead.
    x Samantha

  5. You are right Kent, I used to buy my pulse from what I thought was Don Tolman, but it turns out to be the promotors who bring Don Tolman to Australian fortune events ate promoting themselves as don tolman.
    They make their pulse here in Australia and it’s not even certified organic like Don Tolman’s.
    I know get the Don Tolman products from Alkaline World who are cheaper and much quicker that getting from the US and but the colon cleanse from Tyler Tolman.

  6. Hi Rita,
    Thank you for letting us know about ALKALINE WORLD. I’ll update the website with their link also… and update the image of PULSE to Don’s original versions. Big hugs to you.
    Love, Samantha

  7. OHHHH I just purchased the 14 day cleanse pack from Tolman International. Does this mean I dont have the genuine organic Pulse??

  8. Hi all,
    don Toleman international is just the Australasian company. it is genuine and it is Don and his team here in Australia called fortune events. All of the product is made I australia on the Gold Coast is organic. I’m a recent Basecamp attendee! fear not it’s all legit

  9. Hi
    I’m currently on day 5 of the 14 day pulse cleanse, eating pulse and having water only. I’ve had nausea, headaches, aching body and brain fog. Did anyone experience these side effects.

  10. Hi Michelle,
    Yay for you for choosing the 14 Day Pulse Cleanse. It sounds like you could be experiencing symptoms of detox. Over the years I’ve done a number of different detoxes and have had similar feelings (headaches, aching body, brain fog). If you’re wanting to connect with more people who have done the specific Don Tolman 14 Day Pulse Cleanse, to chat with them, I’d recommend looking at the Don Tolman International Facebook group, and the Don Tolman website.
    Love x Samantha

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