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I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … taking Pure Body, a zeolite supplement that removes toxins such as heavy metals. It was truly life changing for me and my daughter and I have it every day.

I RELAX BY … having massages and beauty treatments.

I LIKE TO … have fun with my daughter Lola. Hearing her laugh is the best thing ever!

I THINK BEAUTY IS … from within, and it’s more about ‘health’ than looking ‘pretty’. I admire people with naturally gorgeous skin, glossy hair and sparkling eyes.

MY FAVOURITE BEAUTY TREATMENT THAT LEAVES ME LOOKING AND FEELING NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL IS … a facial massage. Just makes your skin so much better the next day.

MY NUMBER ONE BEAUTY TIP IS … what you eat is often more important than what you put on your skin.

WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PEARL OF WISDOM THAT YOU WISH YOU COULD BROADCAST TO THE WORLD? For mankind to survive, we must reduce the chemicals we put out into the world. And we can do that by not supporting companies that use these dangerous chemicals. This means making better purchases when shopping for food, beauty, medicines and what we use in our homes.

I also would like people to realise that health also comes from how we think. If we have grown up being put down or abused by our caregivers, then chances are we are going to have low self esteem, depression and may even have poor health related to stress from our youth. So we have to heal our trauma from childhood. Combine that with a great diet, regular detoxing, exercise etc then your future is going to look a whole lot brighter! I’m also very passionate about parents doing as best as we can for our children, everything we do and say to them is going to impact their health as well as their emotional well-being.

WHAT IS IT INSPIRES YOU TO DO WHAT YOU DO? The fact that even if I only helped one person, or one family, to become healthier and happier, then I have already made it all worthwhile!
anna2Anna is an Australian author and blogger and recently published Toxic World, Toxic People – The Essential Guide To Health, Happiness, Parenting and Conscious Living. She is also the author of Simply The Best – a raw food compilation recipe book of 22 well known raw chefs recipes.

Anna runs the missecoglam.com website where she is known for being passionate about controversial issues. Anna suffered from severe chronic fatigue and depression for over 2 decades and has healed herself through natural remedies and other holistic methods.

Jo Wood, Celebrity and Organic Pioneer had this to say about Anna’s book:

‘’Anna’s book Toxic World, Toxic People opens your eyes to the madness of what we are doing to our planet and ourselves. Essential for every woman and mother to read’’

Laura Wells, Australian Supermodel and Environmental Scientist said this:

“Everyone should read this book if they intend on living a long and healthy life. Anna has compounded sound information on everything we need to know about the ever-present toxic lifestyle we are leading and how we can avoid it and effectively rehabilitate ourselves. Her emotional and physical journey brings a compassionate, personal edge to the very real dangers we face every day and how we blindly proceed through life unaware of how the items we are exposed to are slowly destroying us. Anna has broken down the barriers, myths and misconceptions of everything from cosmetics to vaccinations, to food and our general state of mind. The book is my go-to book for living a cleaner life. Every page is jam-packed full of invaluable knowledge and is guaranteed to have you thinking twice or shaking in your boots about the toxic-filled life you lead.”

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