I love to make a number of salads and eat them together. One of my favourite combination is this Anti-Candida Salad with the Blood Cleansing (Anti-Cellulite) Salad and Green Immune Booster Salad. So many delicious fresh flavors!

1 orange
large handful of fresh oregano
1 tablespoon of extra virgin cold pressed olive oil
** use organic and biodynamic ingredients where possible **

Roughly chop orange in to bite sized pieces and place in salad bowl. Finely slice oregano leaves, add to orange pieces, and drizzle with olive oil. Toss to combine so that all ingredients are evenly distributed.


Oregano has strong antifungal properties and is therefore extremely effective at combating yeast problems, particularly candida. Oregano is a good source of iron, manganese, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A and omega 3 fatty acids. Oregano contains volatile oils that have shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Oregano also contains numerous phytonutrients that have been show to function as potent antioxidants.

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