Aura-Soma has been aptly described as a “non-intrusive, self-selective soul therapy.” The succinct phrase perfectly identifies the system as a new paradigm in enhanced wellbeing, one based on recognizing the inherent wisdom within each of us. The Aura-Soma system is a tool for the ordinary person to bring awakening in the everyday life.

This unique “soul therapy” that works with your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing; and which essentially moves you toward a deeper understanding of yourself, utilizes the visual and non-visual energies of colour, and the energies of essential oils, herbal extracts, crystals and gems, contained within 115 beautiful “Equilibrium” bottles.

Aura-Soma communicates the concept that we are, in essence, beings of light or living energies. As in the perspective of quantum physics – that all matter is light vibrating at different frequencies – human beings are, at the cellular level, bio-photons, taking in and giving out light.

You are the colors you choose,
and these reflect your Being’s needs.

Through a process of selecting from over one hundred possibilities the four Equilibrium bottles to which we are most drawn, we can learn which frequencies of light most pertain to us. By also learning the language of colour, we comprehend what our choices say about our deepest needs and gifts, as well as receiving support for bringing ourself back to a state of balance.

Our choice may reveal our inclinations and the qualities upon which we would like to focus. The colours we choose – their meanings and associations – offer a mirror to our soul, granting us acknowledgement of self and encouragement to develop. Each Equilibrium bottle offers both the insights of colour and the associated energies of plants, herbs, gems, and crystals for our personal work. This gift of the three kingdoms (the mineral kingdom of crystals and gems; the vegetable kingdom of herbs, plants and trees; and the hue-man kingdom that pertains to the perception of light and colour) seems to be specific and unique to the Aura-Soma colour system. The understanding of Aura-Soma is that the energies of the three kingdoms resonate in accord with the individuals and their needs, as well as – and this is an underlying principle of Aura-Soma – in harmony for the greater good.

Aura-Soma works on principles similar to those of other vibrational medicines. The colours of the bottles are formulated by combining plant ingredients, gem and mineral energies and natural colorings. Through sympathetic resonance, which can be compared to homeopathy’s doctrine of “like cures like”, the energetic vibrations of these ingredients have a stimulating, clarifying, and balancing effect on us. Interacting with the colours of Aura-Soma can be a personally rejuvenating and supportive process, affecting the energetics of our subtle anatomy and physical being. Supplying the needed colour, plant and crystal energetics to the body helps us move away from dis-ease and into a state of more harmonious ease.

Aura-Soma as a system has the possibility to help us develop greater awareness of our life purpose, gifts, talents and challenges. Quite simply a beautiful nurturing way to help bring about a more happy, healthy and naturally beautiful you.

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  1. Thank you for posting this beautiful article. It is just so said in such an eloquent manner. I love Aura-Soma and have just finished Level 2. I was looking through some articles. Yours by far is the best!!! Keep writing you will touch many lives!!!

    Thanks again and have a Blessed Day!!!

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