Bath Therapy

Baths can be enjoyed for a variety of uses – to relax, uplift, energise, detoxify and stimulate – depending on (but not limited to) the following factors:

How you create the environment in your bathroom – the essential oil blends that you can infuse in to the air via an oil burner; dimming the lights, creating a private space that has no noise or interruptions so that you can quieten your mind, or soft music to relax to.

What you place in the bath – whether that be uplifting, invigorating or calming essential oils, detoxifying clays, energising and energy-clearing salts.

How you be whilst soaking in the bath – My favourite bath ritual is to to spend 15 minutes focusing on my breathing. With every inhale, I breathe in thoughts of relaxation and pure organic botanical scents, and with every exhale I breathe out any worries or stress.

Bathing at certain times of the moon is also effective. Bathing during a full moon with help your body to absorb the most minerals as this is when your body’s absorption potential is at its peak. As an alternative, the body’s capacity to detoxify is at its peak during a new moon, and therefore is the optimal time to enjoy a cleansing / detoxifying bath.

The following are our favourite pure, naturally organic, ethical beauty products that enhance your bath time experience.

1. Be genki 100% pure and organic Essential Oil BlendsBG Tranquil_Oil Blend
From steamy showers and oil burners, to fragrant bed sheets and aromatic massages, there are countless ways to use essential oils and even more ways to benefit from using them. Adding a couple of drops of a Be genki essential oil blend is one of our favourites. Be genki essential oils are organic, ethical and therapeutic. Be genki further enhances each oil by placing them in a giant one-metre-tall amethyst crystal cave for 24 hours prior to bottling.

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BG Serene_Candle22. Be genki Candles scented with 100% organic essential oils
Be genki candles are kind to both you and the environment, made from non-GMO soy and coconut wax and scented with a blend of organic essential oils. They will fill your room and your body in an instant, so turn off the phone, light it up and give your day a little shhhh…

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3. Ancient Preparations African Black Soap Caffeine Exfoliant
Founded by an archaeologist, Ancient Preparations is a line of cosmeceutical products inspired by historic formulations. Each artifact is artisan crafted in seasonal batches from organic and wild harvested ingredients as it has been done for thousands of years.The The ingredients contained within the African Black Soap Caffeine Exfoliant have been used for centuries to treat acne and scarring, alleviate eczema and psoriasis, and reduce fine lines, as well as helping reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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anc-024. Ancient Preparations Bath Soaks
Each of the Ancient Preparations bath rituals – Bathsheba’s Rose Bath, Cleopatra’s Milk Bath, Elizabeth Bathory’s Blood Bath – are based off legendary beauty regimens. The history of natural cosmeceuticals spans more than 6,000 years in contrast to the mere century overshadowed by the chemical industry. It is believed that cosmetic body art is the oldest form of ritual dating back 100,000 years ago. Ancient Preparations returns to the golden age of beauty ritual.

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MN-ALBS5. Moroccan Natural African Liquid Black Soap
Aside from being a brilliant hair and skin cleanser, African Liquid Black Soap kills germs, removes make-up, leaves skin supple and fresh, and has anti-bacterial pH balancing properties that are safe for baby’s soft skin. Also ideal for shaving as an alternative to shaving cream/foam. Completely pure and chemical free, known as quite the wonder product!

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MN-RC250-rhassoul-clay6. Moroccan Natural Rhassoul Clay

This dynamic gem has been hiding in the Atlas Mountains since time began and has multiple uses within your beauty regime. Rhassoul Clay has been used for over 1400 years as a cleanser for hair and skin. Also, traditionally used as an anti-acne treatment. Rhassoul Clay is renowned for reducing flakiness, improving skin clarity, improving skin elasticity and firmness, improving skin texture, removing surface oil and oil from inside and around comedones (blackheads / whiteheads), and removing dead skin layers, resulting in a general smoothing of the skins surface.

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Our brand and product selection is based on thorough research, based on 16+ years of industry experience. If we are not 100% convinced that an ingredient is safe, we won’t stock the product. ‘Natural’ and ‘organic’ products and online shops are becoming more prevalent these days. Whilst this is great, it also is rather confusing, as many ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ brands out there contain toxic and harmful ingredients that sound ‘natural’ or ‘naturally-derived’ but are indeed irritating to the skin and internal organs. If you are unsure about any ingredient, product or brand, please don’t hesitate to get in touch in the comment box below.

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