Chakra Balancing Rituals

I wholeheartedly believe that the art of rituals, setting aside a few moments in the day to be still with our body, mind and being, is sacrosanct for our sanity. And that in today’s fast paced world, self-care… Read More

5 minutes with natural beauty, Georgia Muller

FOUNDER OF BLISS ELIXIR It’s been a six year hunt, but oh so worth it! This beautifully carefully lovingly and consciously created collection of nutritional support elixirs, aka Bliss Elixir, are the bees knees, ducks nuts and unicorn of… Read More

5 minutes with natural beauty, Debra

FOUNDER OF GEMSTONE ORGANIC My love and curiosity of crystals recently led me to a beautiful collection of skin care called Gemstone Organic. Whilst the intrigue of crystal essences caught my initial attention it was more so the unique… Read More

Postcards from My Veggie Garden

  Many of you have asked why we don’t have a huge range of inner beauty / nutrition products on our shop … I really do not wish to insult you, as I know you are all savvy… Read More


Many health experts recommend dry skin body brushing every morning to help promote the following health benefits: – Tightens skin and improves texture – Stimulated circulation – Increases cell renewal – Helps digestion – Cleanses the lymphatic system… Read More

Greater Than Yesterday

There’s this crazy thing that I’ve been integrating in to my life for the past 8 years, called Access Consciousness. I was first introduced to it by my best friend who showed me a possible door to step… Read More

The Hidden Truth About Acupressure Mats

Acupressure mats are becoming more and more popular throughout the world. This product is now widely used by different nations as an effective tool to help relieve of pain, stress and depression, as well as to help with… Read More


Getting back to basics and embracing what the ancients knew to be true seems to be more mainstream these days. Supporting local farmers is becoming more common, growing our own herbs and veggies is becoming more popular, and… Read More

5 minutes with DR T K STONE

AUTHOR OF THE FERTILE GROUND AND DDS SPECIALIST IN DENTAL RECONSTRUCTION I am forever grateful for the beautiful mysteries of life, for the beautiful people who show up at just the right time, and how life continues to… Read More


The pranamat is a wonderful acupressure tool for self-healing, relaxation and revitilisation that restores the energy flow of your body. It is a combination of ancient wisdom, bio design and modern technologies. Acupressure is an ancient healing art… Read More