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Chutisa Bowman


I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … my CURIOSITY. For me, curiosity is what makes life fun. In my view, curiosity is the greatness of life on earth. “What else is possible, what else can I learn about, what else can I discover, what else can I perceive, what else can I do, what else is there?” Being insanely curious is my operative state.

I RELAX BY … taking time to recognize and acknowledge my values, strengths, talents, abilities and gifts. This is the Zen moment I can’t find throughout the day otherwise. I lie back on a couch or easy chair with my legs higher than my heart. This lets blood that has pooled in your legs drain downhill toward your heart.

I LIKE TO … follow the energy by living in the question instead of using force and effort as a way of making things occur in my life. I have found that the more I follow energy and live in the question, the more limitless possibilities show up for me. I also like to practice Qigong (“Life Energy Cultivation”) to align my awareness with my body, breath, and mind for wellbeing and martial arts training.

I THINK BEAUTY IS … all about being graceful and elegant but in a natural, very subtle way. In my view, it’s all about having generosity of spirit and feeling wonderful from the inside.

Chutisa Bowman photographed by Karen Cougan

Chutisa Bowman photographed by Karen Cougan


MY FAVOURITE BEAUTY TREATMENT THAT LEAVES ME LOOKING AND FEELING NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL IS … sleep, alkaline water, spearmint tea and red wine. I drink at least 2 liters of alkaline water a day, a few cups of mint tea a day and also drink red wine, in moderation each week. I also sleep at least 8 – 9 hrs a night. A good night’s sleep makes me feel energized and it allows my body to repair and rejuvenate itself. Going without sleep for too long makes me feel sluggish, and that getting a good night’s sleep often makes me feel ready to take on the world.

MY NUMBER ONE BEAUTY TIP IS … ‘Having gratitude for my body and for me’ is my number one beauty tip. Be grateful for the things I’m able to accomplish in life, be grateful for the things I’m able to perceive in life. I have discovered that I began to function from a whole different place when I am grateful for my body and for me. I also let my body show me what it needs.

WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PEARL OF WISDOM THAT YOU WISH YOU COULD BROADCAST TO THE WORLD? The simple principles that have guided my life: ‘everything is choice and everything is infinite possibility’ and that there is no such thing as the right choice. There is only choice. I have been using this principle for the past 12 years and truly appreciate that it is my choice to be limited and finite, I can just as easily choose to be limitless and the greatness of me. All I have to be is willing and to choose it, not once, but every second, and every moment.

WHAT IS IT INSPIRES YOU TO DO WHAT YOU DO? My one simple vision is to leave the world a better place than how I have found it and to make a positive impact on the planet and people’s lives. I am always willing to look at what is possible beyond what’s currently existed and I always follow my curiosity, my awareness and my heart.


The Luxe Project – created by Chutisa and her daughter Sharidan Bowman

Chutisa Bowman is a global business advisor, author and speaker who has spent the past 10 years working with many top society changing companies and entrepreneurs of our time. She is recognized worldwide as a Pragmatic Futurist and “thought leader” on: strategic awareness; prosperity consciousness; business transformation in a period of economic uncertainty; and Benevolent Capitalism.

Born and raised as a Thai aristocrat in an upper class background, she left Thailand at an early age because it was too restrictive, married an Australian and lived in poverty for a number of years. Along the way she developed boldness, awareness, insight, resilience and audacity to overcome the lies of failure and lack of capacity. She also developed the courage of her convictions, a refusal to be intimidated by anything and created amazing ways to generate wealth. She learned that the capacity to create is every persons gift if they are willing to choose it.

Chutisa has come to epitomize the pragmatic futurist, due to the depth, poignancy, foresight and courage of her convictions. Chutisa draws on her background as a senior executive in listed companies, her own entrepreneurship and transpersonal psychotherapy as an executive adviser, media contributor, author, a keynote speaker and facilitator.

She has devoted her career to inspiring people to challenge today’s certainties and consciously create the future by cultivating awareness of coming changes, and developing strategies to adapt quickly. She assists organizations and individuals to consciously manage the transition from past to future, and provides practical approaches to thriving in the coming decades.

Through working with top business leaders around the world for more than 2 decades, Chutisa has developed an expansive view of the global business landscape. She currently holds the position of director of ‘LifeMastery’ and ‘Conscious Governance’, based in Melbourne, Australia, and consults with over one thousand Nonprofit and corporate organisations each year in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

chutisa3She has become an internationally recognized thought leader through her books and is an inspiring speaker on greater possibilities to create everything people already know is possible, but which they have never chosen.

Chutisa is the author of 5 internationally recognised Governance and leadership books, including “Conscious Leadership-the key to unlocking success”, “Prosperity consciousness: Leading yourself to money with conscious awareness”, “The Conscious CEO: Leading your nonprofit to success with awareness”, “Advanced strategic planning: Strategic planning that works for nonprofit Boards and Leaders”, and “Strategic Risk Management: Risk as strategic advantage for nonprofit leaders”. Her latest book “Leading From The Edge Of Possibility , No More Business as Usual”, challenges everything you thought you knew about the requirements for strategic success.

As a mum, she also does her best to walk her talk when it comes to living consciously, setting up The Luxe Project with her daughter Sharidan which sources art and fashion with a backstory – selling contemporary designer bags, art and homewards made from the hand embroidered fabrics of South East Asia’s hill tribes.

To keep reading more about Chutisa visit her various websites:

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