5 minutes with natural beauty, Debbie Spellman


I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … those I love first and foremost. Herbal tea (pukka teas is my addiction right now), ‘me’ time; it’s essential to my wellbeing and to connect within. Soy lattes…I try to cut down yet this morning ritual has me hooked and to be honest, I just love a well-made soy latte!

I RELAX BY … meditation, yoga or simply going for a long walk through Centennial Park. Late afternoon the sun bathes the park in a soft light and it’s just breathtaking.

I LIKE TO … read and learn. Not a day goes by where I haven’t buried myself in a new book, training series, course or mentor. I love learning about the mind and it’s infinite possibilities. Call me a geek … some women love shopping, I love learning.

I THINK BEAUTY IS … within. Inner beauty is such a wonderful trait. Love, understanding, gratitude, compassion, joy and grace; this is what inner beauty means to me. To live this way is the epitome of beautiful.

MY FRIDGE USUALLY CONTAINS … loads of organic fruit and vegetables from the local farmers markets in Bondi. Olive leaf extract, flaxseed oil, chlorophyll and plenty of ginger and lemons to make fresh ginger, honey and lemon tea. Occasionally you may find a bottle of French Champagne.

MY EXERCISE ROUTINE IS … a daily walk in the sunshine with Jed (a boxer x beagle 3yrs old dog who hasn’t quite realised his supposed to be all grown up), a run when I need to de-stress (coastal route is a must) or yoga.

MY FAVOURITE BEAUTY TREATMENT THAT LEAVES ME LOOKING AND FEELING NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL IS … nurturing my mind, body and soul. A relaxing afternoon with a massage, day spa visit or at home treatment followed by lathers of natural moisturiser, a herbal tea and a good book enjoyed in the afternoon sunshine. I am also loving Argan–Magnificent-Skin-Lover from Organic Paradise in Bondi Junction, Sydney. It’s packed full of organic natural raw oils such as black seed, argan and coconut oils and butters such as shea and cocoa. Not only that but it’s $13 and is far better for your skin than perhaps some synthetic chemical skin care creams at $300.

MY NUMBER ONE BEAUTY TIP IS … eat your greens, enjoy a fresh vegetable juice each morning and make time to relax your mind. I know. That’s three yet all combined it makes one big difference to your inner and outer beauty.


Debbie Spellman is the Founder of Detox Your Mind – a company dedicated to mentoring women to emotional freedom and inner happiness.

Through events, retreats and programs Debbie helps women to ditch past baggage and connect within to discover their true self. Finding the courage to authentically live life on their own terms and experience pure happiness.

Debbie produces a weekly segment on Detox Your Mind TV offering tips, wisdom and advice on detoxing your mind and living a life you love.

In 2012 Debbie launched the Mind Detox Academy Australia with Sandy Newbigging, the creator of The Mind Detox Method™

As Master Trainer she is committed to creating transformation and natural healing across Australia by teaching this powerful ‘miracle’ process. The Mind Detox Method™ has been featured on BBC Prime, Foxtel and Discovery Health is currently taught in over 15 countries around the world.

Passionate about helping women transform their world by changing their mind, Debbie believes when one woman is empowered and living her best life; her family benefits as does her community, workplace, country and our world. As a result she relentlessly pursues her mission to reach women across the globe to leave a positive footprint in this world.

To read more about Debbie visit:

Detox Your Mind website
Detox Your Mind TV
Mind Detox Academy

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  1. What a fantastic article Debbie. Very proud. Very inspiring and honest.
    Debbie is such a fantastic coach!

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