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I am forever grateful for the beautiful mysteries of life, for the beautiful people who show up at just the right time, and how life continues to surprise and amaze me.

One such person is Dr T K Stone, who thoughtfully reached out a few weeks ago to share his book The Fertile Ground with me; and so begun a heartfelt sharing that came at just the right time for me personally, as his book is dedicated to the five ‘w’ questions of life.

The reason why it was such perfect timing is that only a couple of weeks earlier, I had a few days stumbling … wondering “what’s it all for?”  “why did this or that happen?” All those ‘w’ questions. Wishing I could press the “pause” button on life to check upstairs with the “universe” and ask why things are the way they are.

Don’t you just love it when life works in such a beautifully harmonious way? We ask a question and it gets answered in a much more poetic way than we could ever imagine.

My constant desire to look inward, to awaken, seek divine truths and learn is unquenchable. I read Stone’s book in a heartbeat, absorbing page after page. Profound poetry intermixed with pearls of wisdom. For those of you who ask those ‘w’ questions and those of you who are simply interested in divine truths and looking inward, or those of you who are simply interested in wellbeing, I encourage you to download The Fertile Ground. It’s a must read!

So, what a joy it is to share with you, a little about Dr T K Stone, a man who embraces and embodies the vibrant joie de vivre well in to his 60s. Whoever said our health and vibrance diminishes as the years tick by, certainly hasn’t met Stone or his lifestyle choices.

I LIKE TO… surf, ski, snowboard, windsurf, walk, run, road and mountain bike, eat, drink, breathe, sunbathe, play in the outdoors and indoors with friends, especially in the company of the special women in my life. Right now I am not blessed with any one special and who knows what tomorrow will bring.

I RELAX BY… choosing to relax. Choosing is the most important part of relaxing. Choosing to breathe is a moment-to-moment awareness and will give you a relaxed experience. When I consciously breathe, it puts the body into the parasympathetic nervous system mode and that mode is all about love. When you are not in the parasympathetic mode, you are in the sympathetic mode and that mode of the nervous system is all about fear.

I THINK BEAUTY IS… everywhere. In the Gospel of Thomas it says, “God is spread everywhere throughout the world, yet man does not see.” I remember a patient who didn’t have a car, so I offered to drive him somewhere to buy a water distiller. I am always trying to point out to patients their stresses in life, so they can be more responsible for controlling them. On the way to the store he was complaining about everything. He didn’t like cars for their pollution and the people who were driving them, saying everyone was crazy for driving them. I knew him well because I had many appointments with him already, working to restore his teeth. I said to him, “We always have a choice to respond or to react to life.” Responding means, we are experiencing our “Heart” and reacting means, we are experiencing our “ego.” Our “Heart” is about expanding and our “ego” is about contracting. Chronic contracting causes muscle pains after a while if we don’t stop. He had lots of head and neck pains, which he wanted to heal. I said to him, “Look at that beautiful ocean, look at those beautiful flowers with all those amazing colors, look at those birds, trees and blue sky.” He got what I was saying. Many years after I finished working on his teeth, I saw him at some health expo and he said, “I will never forget that ride you gave me to buy the distiller.”

MY USUAL DIET IS… unprocessed, uncooked, and what is in season. I am an herbivore, which means I eat a plant-based diet. I eat mostly ripe fruits for energy. Understand many vegetables are really fruits, like corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet and hot peppers, seeds and nuts. The most important foods I eat, in my opinion, are the seaweeds for minerals. Life for the body is about energy and nutrients and when they are lacking, there will be problems with your energy and with your healing processes. Most of my life has been eating lots of fruits and vegetables. I became aware of the uncooked herbivore diet in the late 1960’s and have enjoyed it and the benefits ever since.

MY PREFERRED EXERCISE THAT KEEPS ME FIT IS… having sex every day and that’s the truth of a Scorpio who thinks good sex is better that any kind of exercise. Sex is just plain good for our hearts, the physical heart as well as the metaphysical “Heart.” Next comes playing in the outdoors. I am not into gyms and prefer to be outside in the elements.

MY FAVORITE THING TO DO THAT LEAVES ME LOOKING AND FEELING HAPPY AND HEALTHY IS… getting exhausted surfing overhead surf at my favorite point break, a day of skiing or boarding in powder, a day of small boards and small sails windsurfing, climbing a mountain on foot or on a mountain bike, sharing a meal with a woman I enjoy being with, just to name a few.

MY NUMBER ONE TIP IS… stop looking outside of yourself for the answers to your life. No one will ever really know you, so start looking within to know yourself and your truth. Your truth will set you free from all the drama of this world.

BookCoverPublisherWHAT INSPIRED YOU TO WRITE THE FERTILE GROUND? When I graduated from dental school and started a private practice in San Francisco, I got the label of a wholistic dentist and by word of mouth I attracted patients. I was asked to give presentations to the local health groups and many started to ask me to write a book. I had a publisher of health books early in my practice that planted the seed. I didn’t like the word “force,” which is among many of the words I do not use in conversation or in thought. I didn’t write the book for 25 years because I didn’t want to force it and when I finally started, all my thoughts were put down in less than four weeks. I then spent some time to polish them. When the book was finished in 2005, I had some publishers interested. When I asked them to print the book using THC free hemp paper, they all lost interest because of the cost for the hemp paper. In 2011 I made the book an ebook. My only reason for writing the book is to share what I have learned and practiced in creating a happy and healthy mind/body life. Many have done so throughout time and here is another version of what has been said before. Hippocrates said 2500 years ago, “Food is your best medicine” and Plato said around the same time, “You cannot change your body until you change your mind first.”

WHAT IS THE MOST RELEVANT ADVICE THAT YOU EVER RECEIVED? Ramana Marharshi has a little booklet titled “Who Am I? It has 26 questions in it to ask yourself. It was the second Marharshi book I read when a senior in high school and it had the most important advice anyone could contemplate. The advice is basically to be responsible for your path in life.

WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PEARL OF WISDOM THAT YOU WISH YOU COULD BROADCAST TO THE WORLD? I can give you all kinds of quotations from Eastern and Western philosophers. Philosophy is about studying and loving wisdom. Two of my favorite from our western tradition are “Be still” and “The kingdom of God is within you.” As a child a prayed a lot because it was the only thing I knew at the time to stop thinking about my family’s problems. Later as a teenager I learned to meditate. I realized praying was talking and meditating was listening, so being still is necessary so one is able to hear the answers, coming from within our “Heart.” Knowing that the permanent comes from within us and the temporary comes from outside of us, gives us choice in the directions to go for our lessons in life. For me most of my lessons are on the path inward.


And so, I will leave you with more beautiful words from Stone, not found in his book, but within the dialogue that passed between him and I:

“The ones who look inward, examining their unlearning process, seeking life to completely occupy their body and their mind, will find those answers and their happiness in the moments of real living. Carl Jung said, “The ones who look outside of themselves dream and the ones who look inside themselves awaken.” Life is so much fun knowing yourself, knowing who you are and the laws of the inner and outer universe, being awake in the light of each day, each moment.”

The Fertile Ground website

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