5 minutes with natural beauty, Erika Heynatz

Erika Heynatz photographed by Chris Colls


Erika began her career as a successful international model, a job that evolved into commercial, film, television and radio work. She is best known for hosting roles on Channel Nine’s “Body and Soul”, Channel Ten’s “Hot House”, Fox 8’s “Australia’s Next Top Model”, and Channel Seven’s “It Takes Two”. Following her success as a celebrity contestant on “It Takes Two”, Erika secured a recording contract and has since travelled the world to write, record and produce her debut album “Sweeter Side” released through EMI music. While she stayed on as co-host for the second series of “It Takes Two”, she made a departure from the TV world to pursue her passion to make noise of a different kind. Being a singer/songwriter exposed her to experience and creative opportunities of a completely different kind, releasing two music videos and performing live gigs around the country. Erika was chosen as the lead female Lilith, in the critically acclaimed feature film “Gabriel”, which was released worldwide by Sony pictures.

Erika passionately supports the Aids Trust of Australia and donates her energy more specifically to a dedicated fund for HIV positive indigenous Australians. http://www.napwa.org.au/patsin

I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … the ocean. It’s the cure all.

I RELAX BY … going to the movies. It’s the ultimate escape, rendering you helpless to a audio visual feast that ignites creative ideas and emotions while whipping you effortlessly out of your own little world for a couple of hours.

I LIKE TO … sing, sing, sing. And I love to listen to other people sing.

I THINK BEAUTY IS … authentic expression – smiling with your whole being.


MY FRIDGE USUALLY CONTAINS … loads of fruit and vegetables for juicing every morning. Daily combo of ginger, beet, celery, carrot & lemon. About 10 different types of chilli and chilli paste – life needs to be super spicy! I’m a bit of a supplement nut as well, with virtually the entire Metagenics range bursting from the shelves; everything from aloe vera juice to acidophilus. While my vitamin stash is slowly taking over the fridge, but there’s always room for a bottle of crisp French Champers!! I currently can’t get enough of the plain Nudie Coconut water – fantastic for after training or mixing with cocktails!

MY EXERCISE ROUTINE IS … a soft sand run in the morning followed by a swim in the ocean. I then to a basic yoga routine to stretch out followed by a 10 minute meditation in the morning sun.

MY FAVOURITE BEAUTY TREATMENT THAT LEAVES ME LOOKING AND FEELING NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL IS … Last year I began a course of Omnilux light therapy treatments and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s pretty cool because all it involves is sitting under a beautiful relaxing light (LED technology)which stimulates your skins own collagen formation and has a significant effect on wrinkles, skin tone and texture. I think this is a much better option than messing with your head (literally and psychologically) by going for the increasingly popular plastic fantastic look or loading the skin up with hideous chemicals.
I’m also loving superfoods invested into skincare. Kiehl’s have a great Acai Damage Repairing Skincare Collection that uses a high concentration of super-antioxidant Organic Acai Berry from the Brazillian Amazon, combined with Aloe Vera Juice, Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oils. (Naturally I’d prefer to have these creams topically applied whilst I’m on an amazing Brazillian getaway.)

MY NUMBER ONE BEAUTY TIP IS … take really good care of your heart and it will show on your face.

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