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I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … love, passion and adventure.

I RELAX BY … nature, solitude and meditation.

I LIKE TO … challenge myself, do yoga, provoke and question.

I THINK BEAUTY IS … inside out. It’s all within you. It’s organic. It’s your true nature. It’s who you are. It’s your birthright. It’s the way you are created and designed to be.

MY FAVOURITE BEAUTY TREATMENT THAT LEAVES ME LOOKING AND FEELING NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL IS … juicing, fasting, cleansing, turning everything off, going within, lots of fruit and fresh coconut water, and topically – a simple clay mask.

MY NUMBER ONE BEAUTY TIP IS … cleanse, rejuvenate, go raw and organic, forgive radically, be radically honest, go to sleep early and rise early, choose joy, clarify your relationships, and take action despite of fear.

WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PEARL OF WISDOM THAT YOU WISH YOU COULD BROADCAST TO THE WORLD? It’s all inside you – everything you are looking for – love, peace, wealth, health – it’s all within. Maintain clear relationships, and step into leadership. It’s time…

WHAT IS IT INSPIRES YOU TO DO WHAT YOU DO? My own body, and the changes I see in my own healing and rejuvenation, and in the lives of other people. I love changing lives!

Evita Ramparte is one of the stars of the American documentary ‘Hungry for Change’, and a revolutionary writer; author of international bestselling books – ‘The Bliss of Cancer’, ‘Badass Detox’, and ‘Viva La Cleanse’ on Amazon and Kindle, CEO and Founder of Alpha Female House, and the creator of Transformational CEO – High Performance Consultancy. She is a former photo-model, mom, and globe-trotter.

In 2000, Evita was 183lbs, stuck in a toxic relationship, and diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She refused surgery, chemo, radiation and took a more challenging path. She decided to cleanse radically. She did what she calls an ‘Alpha Female Detox’ – with coffee enemas, juicing, cleans-ing herbs, and radical forgiveness. She divorced and reclaimed her life. Four months later, she was 83lbs less and cancer free.

Today, Evita works as a health coach to celebrities and CEOs. She is empowering high-performance women and men to cleanse, rejuvenate, and get their body back. Her hashtag ‘#Alpha’ signals she works with those who don’t settle for less, who are conscious about what they eat, question authority and design their own lives. She teaches high-achievers how to bio-hack their brain and body, get the edge, increase performance, rejuvenate and reverse the age.

Indeed, it’s hard to guess how old she is…

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