There is so much research out there stating that exercise is one of the best stress-reduction techniques, that it relaxes tense muscles, helps you to sleep, improves blood flow to the brain, reduces your risk to certain diseases, releases chemicals called endorphins in to your blood stream giving you a feeling of happiness, and the healthy glow it brings out in your complexion.

Most aerobic exercise has a cleansing effect on the skin by increasing circulation and the delivery of nutrients to skin cells, and as a result assisting the detoxification of potentially damaging toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis. The better your circulation, the better your body has the ability to remove toxins which will mean the healthier your skin will not only be, but also look.

Regular exercise also increases sweating, which in turn can unclog pores and help to reduce the number of breakouts that you experience. Great for those of you who suffer from acne. Also when you exercise your level of stress decreases, therefore your adrenal glands are producing less of the male hormones that are part of acne flare-ups. For those of you concerned about aging, exercise provides your skin with the optimum conditions for making collagen (the support fibers that are responsible for skin strength and elasticity, and wrinkles with its degradation).

On a really basic note, your body loves to move, it was designed to move.

So whatever type of exercise that you enjoy … do it. Whether it be walking, running, yoga, pilates, tennis, swimming, horse riding, kayaking, surfing, hiking, rock climbing, karate or a workout at the gym it needs to be something that suits YOU.

Integrating exercise in to your daily life can help to bring about a more happy, healthy and naturally beautiful you.

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