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From the moment I first met Francesca, I was intrigued. Not only is she strikingly beautiful and impeccably groomed from head-to-toe, she is also refreshingly interesting to enjoy a day and laugh with. Intelligent and considered in her approach to all that she sinks her teeth in to, Francesca oozes authenticity. A beautiful combination of sophistication and just what the world needs right now – a fashion-forward visionary who doesn’t take herself too seriously, and who understands and acknowledges holistic health and beauty. My kinda girl.

I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … Health. My family. Those two things together. I can live without everything else.

I RELAX BY … composing music, listening to music, being music.

I LIKE TO … feel the sun on my face and while away what always seems to be borrowed time (time is everything and there’s never enough of it) with my mother and be in her sunshine presence (if there’s a bottle of champagne on ice and some beautiful food too then all the more lovely).

I THINK BEAUTY IS … external and internal. Sometimes I think we’re so desperate to delve deeper; to extract everything from everything, that we forget about what’s on the surface – the truth is, it’s just as important. Yes what’s underneath (whether the soil that grows the rose or our mere characters) is impactful; it cultivates our outer layer and how that’s perceived, but this notion of ‘it’s what inside that counts’ as it has been marketed in mainstream beauty campaigns of late as a singular (almost as if to disregard entirely what’s on the outside or tell us it doesn’t matter how we look because personality is everything) is not purposeful – one only needs to look around and let the mind be still to realise that what’s outside counts just as much.

Inner and outer beauty work together, reflect on each other and exist in harmony; to disregard one is to dissolve the other.

Beauty is aesthetic; it’s art – it’s the painting that touches your spirit and the idea behind the painting (from external to internal and internal to external). I guess what I’m trying to say, is that beauty is balance; it’s everything.

MY FAVOURITE BEAUTY TREATMENT THAT LEAVES ME LOOKING AND FEELING NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL IS … Can exercise count as a beauty treatment? Exercise has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and nothing makes me feel as naturally beautiful as after a pilates session or just simply spending an hour on the bike with my headphones on sweating it out – it cleans the body, clears the mind and is my ultimate in feeling beautiful.

Other than that, I’m so naturally gorgeous ( 😉 and evidently humble) that I really just keep beauty treatments to the core. I believe in the healing powers of complimentary medicine (and have been visiting my homeopathic doctor at least twice a year for the past twelve – I have learnt so much), I use AEOS on my skin (which always feels like a mini-beauty-treat at home) because it’s clean and systematic, I get my manis and pedis a couple of times a month, hair trimmed (to keep it healthy) every three months, waxing done etc. – and have been going to the same wonderful beauticians who all know exactly what they’re doing for some time – when it’s good, I don’t try to fix it.

MY NUMBER ONE BEAUTY TIP IS … Finding your centre – that sense of resolution within lights not only the darkest nights but culminates too in the brightest of smiles; graceful, kind and content. That is beautiful to me.

WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PEARL OF WISDOM THAT YOU WISH YOU COULD BROADCAST TO THE WORLD? That eventually everything returns to its natural state – for things to work beautifully, we must be at ours too.

WHAT IS IT INSPIRES YOU TO DO WHAT YOU DO? Ultimately my inspiration is beauty and it finds itself in all of the above – myself (my core): my family, health, creative and emotional intellect, the natural state of things – the Earth. Fulfilling my potential to be all that I am is everything that has gone into Façonner; it’s the feeling I get when I have an aesthetic idea and watch it translate as I direct it towards a photo shoot; seeing something come into fruition, into life – being alive.


Façonner curates luxury design. It exhibits the sterling collections (fashion, interior and lifestyle products) of the world’s top-tier brands in its Belgravia townhouse. Appertaining to the meaning of Façonner, ‘to shape, to fashion, to mould, to manufacture’, the company pioneers design through championing the brands it presents, attaining their desired image by way of alliances, events and most poignantly, the creative direction of haute-lifestyle photo shoots published internationally.

CEO and Founder of Façonner, Francesca Barrow, is a true aesthete and her values remain the foundation of the company. A passion for good design and talent for portraying it, she is best known for her stylistic interpretation of brands and profoundly insightful understanding of market-development. She regularly contributes her writing on fashion and interiors to luxury lifestyle magazines.

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