Gentle Exfoliants for Sensitive Skin

1. JOSH ROSEBROOK  active enzyme exfoliator ; 2. LIVE NATIVE essential earth exfoliating cleanser ; 3. AEOS gentle exfoliants ; 4. BERNARD JENSEN natural tampico body brush.

Effective skincare that supports the natural function of the skin is one key area that can help improve the condition of your skin. Following are a few basic facts about the skin structure that will hopefully help explain why it is so important to avoid using harsh exfoliants that do frightening damage to the health and appearance of your skin.

New skin cells form at the base of the epidermis and slowly move upwards, flattening out as they mature.

Extreme exfoliation methods expose under layers of immature cells which have not completed their growth and journey to the outer layer. Due to these layers not being fully mature they are therefore far more vulnerable to damage from external pollutants and the sun, one of the major factors in ageing and dry skin.

This is why we strongly recommend gentle exfoliants that contain organic plant-based ingredients that work in harmony with the natural physiology of your skin, encouraging the skin’s natural renewal process, whilst delivering vitamins, anti-inflammatories, antioxidants and other nutrients that promote hydration and a dramatic improvement in the overall radiance and smoothness of your complexion.

Following are our favourite gentle exfoliants for sensitive skin:


LIVE NATIVE essential earth exfoliating cleanser
Harvested directly from the earth, the sea and forest this unique re-mineralising, moisturising and nourishing everyday living facial cleanser combines nature’s purest and most effective organic skin cleansing ingredients. Absorptive Moroccan Rhassoul Clay extricates dirt and oil by actively assimilating with, and removing trapped particles deep within the pores. Oats provide for superior exfoliating. Nutrient active Hebridean Kelp replenishes essential minerals and sulphur-rich anti-inflammatory MSM helps build vital collagen. Argan, Calendula and Coconut oils clear the pores providing the skin with essential fatty acids to moisturize, self-balance and give protection from bacterial infection. An aromatic blend of soothing Chamomile, Calendula and Liquorice soothes inflamed skin.

What I love most about the Live Native exfoliant is that it is gentle enough to use every morning. And it’s no secret that this is my favourite product from the Live Native range. It’s more like a cleanser with the softest exfoliation for even the most sensitive of skins. I can always tell the difference in my complexion when I use this product. Absolutely beautiful!

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04-Gentle-Exfoliant-blueAEOS gentle exfoliants (available in blue and pink)

A gentle face exfoliant rich in seed oils and biodynamic spelt oil which helps to nourish and hydrate the skin during the process of exfoliation, leaving the skin soft, smooth & receptive to the moisturising products to follow. AEOS products aim to help restore and maintain the correct pH balance of the skin to allow the protective action of the skin to be more effective, which affects its appearance. Another fundamental difference with AEOS is the water that is used within their skin care products, that is drawn from their own spring. (Naturally sourced spring water in contrast to using purified tap water is far better for you as tap water is contaminated with household and industrial toxins in small amounts). AEOS then pass the spring water through various energising and purification devices such as vortex pipes (based on Viktor Schauberger’s work on water), chambers with crystals, and electro-static induction (ESI). ESI treated water passes more easily through the skin membrane, which takes with it the other ingredients within the AEOS product. This is one of the reasons why people who use AEOS see such a dramatic difference in the hydration and health of their skin after using AEOS products.

What I love most about the AEOS exfoliants is that they seriously hydrate whilst gently exfoliating the skin. For optimal results I found twice a week exfoliation did wonders for giving a soft smooth complexion, and also preparing my skin perfectly for the products that followed, allowing my serum and moisturiser to penetrate and deliver optimal results. Skin heaven! And that little tube lasts forever as only a teeny tiny amount is required on damp skin.

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BernardJensen-body-brushBERNARD JENSEN natural tampico body brush

When it comes to the rest of your body the single most effective and easy way to renew the skin cells on your limbs, torso and back is via daily dry body brushing. A quick 5 minute brush can help to tighten skin and improves texture; stimulate circulation;  increases cell renewal; help with digestion; cleanse the lymphatic system; strengthen the immune system; improves the function of the nervous system;  help in the treatment of cellulite; removes dead skin layers;  stimulates glands, thus helping all your body systems perform more efficiently. Remember to choose a brush with natural tampico bristles that won’t scratch the skin. The Bernard Jensen brush is cut on a smooth convex so it hugs the body while dry brushing and has no sharp edges.

What I love most about the Bernard Jensen body brush is that it works! Really well! It’s all-natural. It’s not overly priced. And the long handle is great for reaching my back, as well as the possibility to remove the long handle so that I can leave it at home when I travel, so there’s more room in my suitcase.

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Our brand and product selection is based on thorough research, based on 16+ years of industry experience. If we are not 100% convinced that an ingredient is safe, we won’t stock the product. ‘Natural’ and ‘organic’ products and online shops are becoming more prevalent these days. Whilst this is great, it also is rather confusing, as many ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ brands out there contain toxic and harmful ingredients that sound ‘natural’ or ‘naturally-derived’ but are indeed irritating to the skin and internal organs. If you are unsure about any ingredient, product or brand, please don’t hesitate to get in touch in the comment box below.

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  1. These products are very good to use. My skin is also sensitive. So need to use these products. Thanks for the information 🙂

  2. I have sensitive skin. These products look good and I would love to try them. Thanks for sharing!

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