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Please be aware that this is not my usual ‘light and fluffy’ post.

Whilst I have some exciting news for you … we are now stocking LARIESE HEMP SEEDS proudly grown in Canada and certified organic … I also have a wake up call to give you.

LARIESE is the only brand of hulled hemp seed / hemp protein product that we recommend.

A number of Asian companies will register in Australia either themselves or by selling to an Australian company, so their products can be accepted in Asia under the guise of being an Australian product which has actually been manufactured in Asia under what could be less than suitable conditions.

One example is the recent recall of a number of batches of an Aussie looking brand of hemp products due to a detection of salmonella in their products. (type in ‘hemp seed recall’ at Google and you can read the official documents from the manufacturer) Not cool.

But what I find even more un-cool is for retailers to preach to the world that they know what they are talking about when it comes to being strict about hand-selecting brands/products that are safe for you. If your trusty retailer didn’t bother to do the research on a certain brand of hemp seeds that was recalled, then quite frankly, what else aren’t they picking up on when it comes to scrutiny of ingredients? Best I end it there, as opposed to tearing apart the other illusions when it comes to natural, organic and toxin-free beauty and wellbeing. (I did warn you this would be a rant 😉 )

To borrow the words from a man much wiser than me …

“Everybody has a right to make a living, as long as they’re not taking your money to sell you crap! It gripes me that people take your money who don’t know sh-t. It’s criminal. They might as well come with a mask and gun to take your money. “

So, yes, this is clearly a self-promotion for BeNaturallyou.com … where you can be guaranteed that we do more research, and have a better understanding, than any other stockist when it comes to natural skincare and wellbeing products that work! And that are also truly free from toxins or any other contaminants that can be detrimental to your health.

How to use hemp?

Whilst hemp is technically illegal for consumption in Australia, one can – if they were living in Italy, for example 😉 – make a delicious milk with 1 heaped tablespoon of hulled hemp seeds, 1 tablespoon coconut oil and 1 cup of purified water. Simply blend in the Vitamix on high speed for a minute or two until a milky consistency is created.

Buy organic hemp with nothing-to-hide here

Hemp Hemp Hooray for Lariese!

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