Hippocrates (the Father of Modern Medicine) wrote:
“Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”

This could not be more eloquently said. Everything we eat and drink either strengthens or weakens our health and wellbeing. Every day we choose what to put in our mouth.

There are so many conflicting points-of-view about what we should or shouldn’t be eating, it’s no wonder some of us are confused and led to feel guilty about our choices. There’s the Low GI, Dr Atkins, South Beach, Blood Type, Low Fat, Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw Food, Acid Alkaline, Calorie Counting, No Carbs, Macrobiotic, Gluten Free, High Protein, Liver Cleanse and I could keep going on and on and on.

My point-of-view with all this “diet stuff” is that no-one knows your body better than you do. If you take the time to listen to your body and the signs that it gives you when you eat certain foods then you’ll instinctively know what it is that is “right” for you.

You may notice that when you eat a particular kind of food you become more hungry, bloated or tired.

You may notice that there are times when your body is telling you to put down the fork but you keep on eating.

You may notice that you are consuming certain foods or drinks out of habit as opposed to listening to what would truly be nurturing for your body.

Or you may notice that you feel guilty when you eat certain foods. But what if those negative thoughts and judgment were doing more harm to you than the actual food you were eating? Did you know this type of guilt and stress, that you inflict upon yourself, may have a direct connection to your weight? When you are stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol that has been proven to encourage fat storage in the abdominal area.

Sometimes your body might be screaming out for that beer or chocolate, and it may just be the very thing that you require at that point in time. What I would love to propose are ‘healthier’ alternatives so that you { 1 } satiate that desire, and { 2 } avoid harmful processed sugars and preservatives. For example, there are delicious preservative-free natural beers and it’s incredibly simple to make your own chocolate.

We are all different. There is no “perfect” diet for everyone. Sometimes there are factors that need to be taken in to consideration such as age, sex, weight, whether you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, and any infection with dis-ease amongst other things.

Over the years I have learnt a simple set of tips that are fundamental to my overall health, happiness and beauty. These tips promote a healthy glowing complexion, the health of our internal organs, increased immunity and an active body and mind. I wholeheartedly believe that they can do the same for you too.

Whilst I studied nutrition at college for a number of years, amongst various other complementary practices, the single biggest source of my inspiration and information for a healthy diet and lifestyle has come from Don Tolman. There is no truer truth than what Don Tolman shares with the world. He is my all-time greatest hero and I am forever grateful for his kindness, graciousness and generosity of spirit

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