Over the years I have learnt that the best way to maintain my health and happiness when it comes to food, is to follow a simple set of daily nutrition tips that apply to many of us, to help promote a healthy glowing complexion, the health of our internal organs, increased immunity and an active body and mind. Please remember that these are simply tips, and not to be followed word for word. Your body knows what it requires, so please always do what is “right” for you.

Eat when you are hungry, not when the clock tells you to, and remember to chew your food.

Graze rather than overeat. Large meals are harder to digest, place a strain on your organs and can result in indigestion.

Eat a balanced, nutritious diet based on organic and biodynamic wholefoods: fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds.

Eat both raw and cooked foods.

Keep it simple. Nature’s rainbow of foods are extremely complex as it is, and provide an abundance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and phytonutrients. So when preparing a meal, keep it simple so as not to overburden the body in terms of digestion and assimilation.

Eat antioxidant rich foods such as brightly colored fruits and vegetables: berries, kiwi, carrots, sweet potato, beetroot, broccoli, watermelon; and a variety of nuts and seeds, such as sunflower, flax, hemp, sesame and pumpkin seeds; and almonds, walnuts and brazil nuts to also ensure a diet rich in essential fats, zinc, and other minerals.

Add a tablespoon of Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend to your smoothie or salad each day to help prevent dry skin, inflammation, acne, dandruff and a long list of other benefits. Why Udo’s Choice? It is by far the best oil blend, currently available, containing the ideal ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 essential fatty acids. I certainly notice the difference this oil makes to the health and beauty of my complexion and overall wellbeing.

Eat phyto-oestrogen rich foods such as linseeds, celery, parsley, beans, fennel and alfalfa, that help the body in times of hormonal change such as puberty and menopause.

Eat nutrient dense foods such as hemp seeds, cacao, maca root powder, goji berries, aloe vera juice and coconuts, to name just a few.

Ensure that you are drinking an adequate amount of clean filtered water every day, and experiment with herbal teas that provide an abundance of therapeutic properties.

Consume fermented foods such as sauerkraut and miso to help improve your digestion and immune system.

Above all, and most importantly, please let go of your judgements about what you should or should not be putting in your mouth. That judgement, guilt and emotional stress has a detrimental effect on your physical (and emotional) health, beauty and happiness. If you feel like indulging, enjoy it! 

Please listen to your body and do what is “right” for YOU.  Once you become more aware and in communion with your body, you will instinctively know what it is that your body requires at any given point in time, which is also in a constant state of change.

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