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Jessica Ainscough




I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … my amazing support team – my boyfriend, my parents, my best friend, and my little pug girl Edie. And books.

I RELAX BY … meditating each morning, walking by the beach with my dog, and lying on my day bed and reading.

I LIKE TO … listen to daggy old school music, read books (either the inspiring, motivating type or seedy rock autobiographies), watch tacky US reality TV shows, stalk my favourite blogs, eat amazingly healthy and tasty food, and hang out with positive, inspiring, kind, loving, dream-seeking, courageous people.

I THINK BEAUTY IS … an indicator of how well we treat our body and mind.

MY FRIDGE USUALLY CONTAINS … We have five fridges to accommodate for all of the fresh organic fruits and veggies we plough through each week. In them you will find juicing carrots and apples, kale, silverbeet, cabbage, zucchini, lemons, coconut water, berries, and pretty much every other imaginable vegetable. I also usually have some sort of homemade cacao and oatmeal ball.

MY EXERCISE ROUTINE IS … weekly Bikram yoga, weekly Vinyasa yoga, and daily jumping on my mini trampoline.

MY FAVOURITE BEAUTY TREATMENT THAT LEAVES ME LOOKING AND FEELING NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL IS … a healing massage, and a long bath in apple cider vinegar followed by slathering my body with organic coconut oil.

MY NUMBER ONE BEAUTY TIP IS … be kind to yourself. Put self-care above all other priorities. Tell yourself that you love and approve of yourself. Feed your body the best quality foods, the foods that Mother Nature intended for us to eat, and your body will reward you with limitless beauty.

Jessica Ainscough’s transformation from champagne-guzzling, Lean Cuisine-loving magazine writer to all-out nutrition nerd was made after she was diagnosed with a rare, “incurable” cancer back in 2008. Deciding she wasn’t going to buy in to the “truth” of that “incurable” nonsense, Jess left her job as the online editor for Dolly magazine and set out on a mission to heal herself.

She began looking at the different ways she may have contributed to the manifestation of her disease and then stopped doing them, and became an active participant in her treatment. She threw herself into intense detoxification and nutritional treatment in the form of the Gerson Therapy, which involves two years of drinking 13 fresh organic veggie juices per day, five coffee enemas per day and eating a basic organic whole food plant-based diet.

Along the way, Jess developed an obsession with passing on all of her newly learnt wellness wisdom to anyone who was parked in front of her for long enough to listen. Her goal is to empower people to take control of their health and show that the quality of our lives is directly linked to how we treat our body and mind. She does this through her daily blog posts, videos, and e-books.

To read more about Jess check out her:
Twitter: @JessAinscough

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  1. Awesome! How empowering that you instinctively knew that you could heal yourself of cancer. It pains me that more people don’t choose a natural alternative. It makes no sense that people would choose to poison their bodies in order to heal them.

  2. Rest in peace, Jessica. You were an inspiration to many.

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