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I have been searching for a make up range that ticks all the boxes for YEARS! I searched every directory but every brand disappointed without fail, either due to the ingredients being potentially toxic, naturally derived (i.e. not natural in the slightest), animal derivatives, poor colour match to the skin, or lacking in functionality. I was just about to give up my search and start creating my own range when I stumbled upon the most pure and luxurious range from Canada, called HAUT.

Created by make up artist Joanne Lepp, HAUT products work with the skin, using bio-compatible, natural and/or organic ingredients scientifically and medically accepted to help the skin recover its natural balance, comfort level, and radiance. But the really exciting point is that the colours are divine!

It’s such a joy to find pearls of unique excellence like HAUT in the world and share it with Australians who, like me, are looking for products that not only tick all the natural, organic, ethical, vegan boxes, but also those that perform better than anything else on the market. After all, although it’s a lovely way to be – making ethical choices – I don’t think we should have to compromise on quality. HAUT is THE answer to the way I believe natural cosmetics ought to be.

So, as you can imagine there were a few questions that I was keen to ask Joanne.


What inspired you to create HAUT cosmetics?

I used to help my dad mix his oil paints when I was little and I realized I could create any texture and color. When I started experimenting with makeup products I could not find the quality I felt I needed to maintain a natural tone and glow on the skin. I started researching ingredients in food and cosmetics in my early twenties and it made me feel very guilty about what I was putting on my own skin and on others. I had a lot of women coming to me with chronic issues with their skin and their health. I thought that even if the harmful chemicals in makeup were not causing their problems, they could not be helping them. As I was starting to learn about what was in all the things we put on our skin I became sick myself. I was diagnosed with CFS. I decided if I could get my health back I would start my own makeup company and create products that I could feel good about applying on my family, friends, and clients. Every day I am thankful for my regained health and that I am able to create something truly good.

Why did you choose to make HAUT cosmetics vegan?

I was transitioning to being more vegan for my health at the time and I was the most excited to try out plant based ingredients in my makeup concoctions. I grew up on a prairie farm and when we got hurt the first thing my mom reached for was a piece of raw aloe plant. There are so many healing properties in plants. I never get tired of researching them. Utilizing them through the daily application of cosmetics makes perfect sense to me. Also, going more vegan with your beauty products takes ‘cruelty-free’ to the next level. Going vegan is healthy, kind to animals, and better for the environment.


What makes HAUT cosmetics unique?

The unique textures feel great on all skin types and provide enough coverage but with the look of ‘bare skin’, just glowing and fresh. I would have to say everything from the line feels luxurious but light. The makeup is very breathable and beneficial for various skin conditions. I think we should feel comfortable in our own skin and be able to celebrate every skin tone. I have left out the Titanium Dioxide in our Bio-mineral Foundations so that each foundation has ‘true color’ and there is not a whitening or grey effect on darker skin tones. When I test a new product I do so on mature skin. It is easy for makeup to look great on a young model but I want products that work for all women.

What is the benefit of using HAUT cosmetics?

It is the most healing, nurturing skincare first, with the added benefit of customized coverage and color. Most of my clients who come to me for makeup describe themselves as not being ‘makeup-kind-of-people’. I like to think HAUT inspires women to have fun with their beauty routine and not to take themselves too seriously. That is when real beauty shines through. With long term use one will see noticeable results in their skin tone and texture.

What is your number one beauty tip?

This is a great tip for women but also for men. Give your brows the attention they deserve. Get them professionally shaped but do not overdo it. Keep them thick and beautiful for the most polished look. If the eyes are the window to the soul, the brows are the frame of that window.

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