Living with Aura-Soma

You could say that I fell in to the beauty of Aura-Soma® by accident. Or you could say that it was destiny.

aura somaI say destiny … because when I was a little girl of about 8 years of age my mum used to take me with her to get her legs waxed. Whilst she was getting de-fluffed, I would stare in wonder at a collection of coloured bottles on one the tables in the room. I remember asking Janet (the therapist) what they were at the time as they captivated and amazed every little cell in my curious body.

Fast forward 22 years, whilst living in the United States, and there I am face to face with these beautiful coloured bottles again at a Cosmoprof Beauty Expo. After a mini consultation with a lady named Sevi, I was once again left in wonder, continuing my curiosity of what they were, what they could gift, and what I could learn about my self.

I say an accident … because it wasn’t so much Aura-Soma that I thought I was choosing, but more so a move to England to be with the most kind, hilariously funny and interesting man (called Shaun) I had ever met, even though I wasn’t looking for love. Probably more accurate, would be to say that I was resisting love in every part of me, having had my heart somewhat shattered in a previous relationship. But it was my body and my being that knew that it desired to be by Shaun’s side. So I threw my thinking mind out the window and trusted that inner knowing.

With Shaun being best friends with the custodian of Aura-Soma, living with, traveling and working with Mike Booth, I was suddenly on the fast train of self-discovery through colour. Whilst I have always been open to looking in the mirror to see the patterns of harmony and disharmony that I have created, jumping in to the deep end of all sorts of healing, self-awareness and consciousness practices, the Aura-Soma way is somewhat different.

‘Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.’ – Oscar Wilde

What I love most about Aura-Soma is the simplicity of it. As they say ‘you are the colours you choose, and these reflect your being’s needs.’  You can’t use up what you’re not. You can only use up what you are. And what a beautiful gift it is to be able to gift ourselves back to ourselves, via the various colours of Aura-Soma, made from organic and biodynamic plant extracts, the waveforms of colour, and liquid tinctures of crystal essences prepared specifically for Aura-Soma based on ancient alchemical techniques that literally takes up to 12 months for the solid crystal to transform in to liquid state, so that it can penetrate the skin, into the blood stream and benefit the holistic being – body, mind and soul.

These past 5 years I have worked with, applied, and pondered bottle after bottle. And I am always surprised by what bottle and supporting pomanders, quintessences and colour essences jump out at me to take home and apply. What I’m even more amazed by is the profound, sometimes gentle, sometimes arresting effect these potent products have, as I apply them to my body and the auric energy surrounding me.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to travel the world with Aura-Soma and learn from Mike. It is one of those things that I will always be eternally grateful for – the wisdom that Mike has shared with me, his friendship that I treasure, the unforgettable laughs the three of us have had whilst traveling around the world, and the memories of living in the English countryside at the home of Aura-Soma, experiencing the seasonal changes on their Demeter-certified biodynamic farm.

So, now, what an absolute joy and honour it is to make Aura-Soma products available to you at our online shop, so that you too can gift you back to you.

I can’t resist including the short clip (below) from a few years ago where I attempt to interview Mike for Postscript Interactive – The Professional Resource for Pharmacy Assistants – where we completely lose the plot … clearly I shouldn’t give up my day job to pursue a career ‘on-camera’ any time soon 😉


my favourite little lamb at the Aura-Soma Shire Farm, who I bottle fed when she was just a baby

me and my love at the Aura-Soma Shire Farm

me and my love at the Aura-Soma Shire Farm

massive crystals on the Chakra Path at the Aura-Soma Shire Farm during winter

massive crystals on the Chakra Path at the Aura-Soma Shire Farm during winter – a mystical experience to say the least

sunflowers as far as the eye can see at the Aura-Soma Shire Farm

biodynamic sunflowers as far as the eye can see at the Aura-Soma Shire Farm – a sure way to brighten any day

at my favourite spot on the Aura-Soma Shire Farm - the Heart Pond

having a quiet moment at one of my favourite spots – the Heart Pond – on the Aura-Soma Shire Farm

biodynamic flax seed at the Aura-Soma Shire Farm

biodynamic flax seed at the Aura-Soma Shire Farm – one of the most beautiful sights to see

5 Comments on “Living with Aura-Soma

  1. Sun rises over the sea in Kuthumi colours, here at Artemis region 20 something klms from Athens GR. MISS DEV AURA since Haniel was born. I saw the light in the tunnel but it was a train coming. Survived that. See you this year some day, love michael

  2. What a beautiful story and experiences you have shared. To say I’m slightly jealous is pretty well, true. ??

  3. Wow love your story! I have just recently purchased a few bottles from your online store as Australia seems to be limited in places to get these beautiful products. I am so grateful you stock them! I would love to delve deeper into my understanding and was wondering if you know Mikes latest books for purchase? Would it be the 2006 colour thearapy for the soul? Can’t wait to purchase more! Thank you in advance for any help 🙂

  4. Thank you 🙂 so happy to hear. And also great to hear that you’ve been loving the Aura-Soma products. The ideal way to experience Aura-Soma is in person via a consultation or in a course. If you go to you can find a list of all the practitioners and teachers in your area. But in regard to your question… yes, Mike Booth’s book – The Source Book, Colour Therapy for the Soul – is an interesting read. Please bear in mind that it’s not a ‘diagnostic’ system. What I mean by that, is … the best way to choose the Equilibrium bottles is to stand in front of the 116 different colour combinations and choose what first jumps out at you. Not based on like or dislike. And certainly not based on something that has been written in the book. The Equilibrium bottles are ‘living energies’ and tap in to our sub-conscious mind, so the best gift you can give yourself, is to select based on what jumps out at you in person. I hope that makes sense. x Sam

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