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Marissa Håkansson

Marissa Håkansson



I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … space in my day to rest, reflect and reintegrate. Being in nature to connect with something bigger than myself. Moving my body. And a wholesome lifestyle that nourishes me, inside and out. Life really does feel so much more enriching when I focus on the simple things. It’s been a learning curve to get to where I am, but it feels good to be here!

I RELAX BY … finding quiet spaces. Breathing slowly and consciously. Connecting with my body through movement. Walking along the beach or swimming in the ocean. Taking a bath by candlelight with my favourite essential oils. Listening to music that moves me. Enjoying a cup of herbal tea in silence…There’s so many things that ground me and help me relax back into who I am! So in those moments when I sense myself getting overly caught up in thinking or doing, I pause, tune into my body, and listen for what feels best for me in that moment.

I LIKE TO … follow my heart. Listening to those deep desires within that are yearning to be expressed, and then bringing them to life. I know that if I continue to follow my heart and express myself fully in life, I’m on the right track. It’s incredibly liberating and fulfilling to stay on the path that feels inherently my own. This is something I used to find quite challenging, but now feels like the only way to go: to honour what feels right for me, and then be unapologetically true to who I am.

I THINK BEAUTY IS … everywhere. More and more I notice the beauty of the world we’re in, the beauty of others, and the beauty of this moment. I think beauty can be felt. When there’s something or someone that captivates you and draws you in, there’s a certain energy and presence to that beauty. And it’s not necessarily something that can be defined.

MY FRIDGE USUALLY CONTAINS … lots and lots of fresh vegetables and fruits (organic and local where possible), good quality organic dairy and meats (grass fed when available), and some home-cooked leftovers from the previous night. That’s about it! I tend to keep my foods and cooking fresh, healthy and simple.

MY EXERCISE ROUTINE IS … daily yoga, stretching and walking, all outdoors. I love practicing yoga as soon as I get up, so I can connect with my body and enjoy the stillness of the early morning. I’ll tend to do shorter sessions and I’ll regularly jump on the yoga mat during the day for stretch breaks, usually to music. I love swimming in the ocean as it feels so freeing and completely restores me. And there’s occasional dancing in my living room too!

MY FAVOURITE BEAUTY TREATMENT THAT LEAVES ME LOOKING AND FEELING NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL IS … a raw honey mask for my face and body, followed by a pink himalayan salt scrub for my body. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and nourished!

MY NUMBER ONE BEAUTY TIP IS … listen to your body. Our body knows what we need to stay well and healthy. When you honour your body’s inner wisdom, that will shine through in your body and life.

Marissa Håkansson is an embodiment coach and counsellor. She supports women to connect with their body and be present within their whole self; using that inner connection as the foundation for experiencing deeper fulfilment, meaning and expression in life.

Marissa’s approach is practical and down-to-earth; inspired by her own journey of living with a chronic illness, being out of touch with her body, feeling disconnected from others, and trapped in a life that was out of sync with who she was. Marissa is based in Sydney, Australia and works with women and groups worldwide.

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