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I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … love. That of my dear husband, my child, our wonderful friends and family and the souls that scatter our planet I do not know personally. We are all interconnected.

I RELAX BY … nursing my sweet baby girl to sleep. Breastfeeding releases oxytocin and prolactin, hormones that inspire nurturing instincts and also make me feel a little soft and dozy. It’s the most beautifully magical time.

I LIKE TO … feed people. A lot. I am a bit of an introvert and a homebody, but adore having close friends over for dinner. I connect with people I love through food, through knowing I am warming their souls and filling their bellies with tasty and nutritious meals.

I THINK BEAUTY IS … found in loving yourself well, creating your own romance and embracing your light. When we care for ourselves in this way, we radiate from the inside out.

MY FRIDGE USUALLY CONTAINS … an overflow of fresh veggies. My family follows a primarily plant based diet and we eat a lot. There’s usually at least a few brightly colored jars of various cultured vegetables, sauerkraut or kimchi – I’ve been getting extra creative with lacto-fermented recipes lately. So much fun to make and incredibly good for you.

MY EXERCISE ROUTINE IS … nearly non-existant. My darling daughter is learning to crawl and will be walking before I know it. I spend a lot of time scooting around on the floor with her and playing with our yellow lab, Rex. It’s not enough, but it keeps me moving and having a dog ensures I make it into the sun and fresh air every day.

MY FAVOURITE BEAUTY TREATMENT THAT LEAVES ME LOOKING AND FEELING NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL IS … The Youth Dew from my line. I formulated this gorgeous blend with 20 different pure plant oils and CoEnzyme Q10. It’s incredibly powerful, healing and hydrating and truly makes the skin glow. It is my ultimate must-have.

MY NUMBER ONE BEAUTY TIP IS … eat the rainbow. Nutrition is absolutely key. Your inner health is reflected in your outer beauty. You will not only look lovely, but you will feel amazing. Flood your plate with fresh greens, bold reds and oranges (beet, sweet potato), blues and violets (berries, red cabbage) and a rotating variety of whole grains and legumes. Hydrate. Chew. Rest.


May Lindstrom is on a quest to inspire loving self care rituals, that reveal radiant skin and ignite recognition of our individual beauty. She is an explorer, fascinated by the anthropology of beauty and whole-self wellness. A skin chef, passionate about creating unique and indulgent recipes for exquisite skin. A conscious epicurean, enthralled with tactile experiences that resonate with pure good.

May innovates and creates gorgeously effective potions designed to reveal and illuminate the sensuous nature of healthy, glowing skin while celebrating a return to the vital and conscious daily ritual of caring for our self. She embraces this ever-learning and ever-changing life, striving always towards personal growth and greater human to human and self to skin connection.

If you haven’t yet visited the May Lindstrom website I urge you to click on the link below now. The visuals are utterly beautiful. It’s no wonder May models for her own brand – she oozes the kind of natural beauty that inspires, captivates and makes you want a little of whatever she’s having.

For more information about May Lindstrom Skin please visit www.maylindstrom.com

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2 Comments on “5 minutes with natural beauty, May Lindstrom

  1. I’m a proud user of the May Lindstrom skincare line and think May is just a doll! The line is absolutely wonderful and May is extremely knowledgeable and kind.

  2. I just can’t say enough good things about May’s skin care!! I have sensitive skin and these products only BETTER IT, not make it worse! May is soooo kind and helpful! She is so accessible and is truly there to help you! The whole line transports you to a relaxed state of mind when using it. I cant wait to wake up every morning and know something so special is waiting for me in my bathroom…

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