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A little while ago as I was flicking through one of my favourite magazines a FAB range of skin care products caught my attention … Belmondo. The packaging literally jumped out of the page at me. So I googled the brand and discovered that not only was the packaging uber cool, but products made with uber lovely ingredients and a beautiful story about how the brand came about. And so begun my email “chats” with Daniela Belmondo, founder of Belmondo.

Over the past year Daniela has been one of the sweetest, most thoughtful and considerate “people I’ve never met”, recommending inspiring women for me to interview and more. So what a joy it is to introduce you to the lovely woman behind Belmondo.

What inspired you to create Belmondo?

My love for Olive Oil and my passion to help people take a moment for themselves and feel great.

What makes Belmondo unique and ethical?

The line is based on the belief that beautiful skin comes from products derived from the earth’s pure and restorative ingredients. All of our products are hand-made in small batches in Vancouver, BC with organic and/or wild crafted herbs and packaged in glass. And our hero ingredient is Olive Oil.

Why did you choose olive oil as a main ingredient?

My nonna (grandmother, in Italian ) used olive oil for everything. My family roots are in Calabria in Southern Italy, a ferry ride away from Sicily. I grew up in Calabria and was very close with my grandmother. Olive oil was in many of our daily activities. We made food with it. We drank it. We made bars of olive oil soap to take baths and hand-wash our clothing. My grandmother harvested those olives from a neighbour’s grove. For Belmondo, I source the olive oil from a small producer in Calabria, too. I learned at an early age the wonderful properties of this oil and how miraculous and healing it is, not only for cooking but also when applied to the skin.

What are your top tips for beautiful skin?

Use what products feel good for you. I encourage you to find one product or a few and incorporate them into your daily ritual of taking time for yourself.

I love a great product that can be used for multiple uses such as After the Rain Face toner  for soothing sunburns, as a deodorant or an aftershave toner for men. The other product is The Dew Face Oil, makes a lovely face cleanser (the oil method), a moisturizer, a shave oil and also works wonders for dry elbows.

I am also a big believer in positive self-talk. What messages are you sending yourself and how do you respond to daily events in your life? When you look in the mirror how do you see yourself? A little smile and positive self-talk goes a long way to what shows up on your face and how you look.

What are you top lifestyle tips that help to bring about a more naturally beautiful you?

Sleep. Let it go. Being Grateful. Get enough healthy fats in your diet daily and smile, everyone looks better with a smile.

To keep reading about Belmondo visit their page in out Brand Directory.


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