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My love for helping to inspire holistic happiness runs deep. I love sharing fab organic beauty finds, vegan recipes that I experiment with in the kitchen and experiences at spa retreats, all in the hope that it hopefully inspires others to ditch the toxic conventional brands; to choose a more kind, compassionate and healthy way of eating; and to take some much needed time out of the busy-ness of life to nurture ourselves. But most of all I LOVE meeting women who are doing amazing and unique things with their life that inspire me to keep on doing what I’m doing. One such person is the oh-so-lovely Danielle Davey. Her website is so simple yet so brilliant – helping to encourage people to make the switch to healthier choices. Her seasonal collections of beauty and health products can be the first step to leading a healthier natural life that helps you feel better inside and out. So, what a joy it is to share the following with you.

What inspired you to create raw+pure?
Suffering from a chronic illness I was forced to clean up my act! I started eliminating as many chemicals and toxins from my diet and lifestyle that I could and noticed that I not only felt better but I could see results. I also used to get bad blotchy dry skin on my face and arms but since using only natural and organic products that has completely disappeared. I created raw+pure because I became increasingly frustrated with ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ labelled products, with either their lack of effectiveness and/or the marketing tricks some companies use to cash in on the natural and organic world. I got sick of buying products that said they were natural and or organic and actually still contained a lot of toxic chemicals. So I started researching and felt compelled to share my findings with the world via my blog. raw+pure is all about truly natural and organic products that actually work for your skin, body and home without any worries that those pesky chemicals have snuck in there somewhere.

What is raw+pure all about?
I love shopping, natural and organic products and presents. So I combined the three into our seasonal collections that people can purchase each season to get the best out of their skin and lifestyle. Seasonally inspired, raw+pure is an online store that opens its doors each season to sell you the best of the best in the natural and organic world. I work with companies to offer you amazing value for money packages.

What inspires you on a daily basis?
I am inspired by lots of different things. One being blogs. There are so many amazing people out there sharing what they love. Some of the ones I make sure I read regularly are In Spaces Between by Rachel MacDonald, Path to Wellness by Melissa Ambrosini, Fertile Body, Heart and Soul by Natalie Kringoudis, The Wellness Warrior by Jessica Ainscough and Sarah Wilson. They ooze wellness, inspiration and of course class!

What are your top tips for beautiful skin?
+ Go natural and organic; in what you put in your body as well as on it. It has been the best thing for my skin and even though my skin is far from perfect it is SO much better than it was.
+ Get plenty of sleep. I have only just started sleeping properly again (after years of struggling with insomnia), this I have found to be one of the keys to general wellness.
+ Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and ensure your skin stays hydrated too. I love using serums and oils to ensure my skin stays hydrated and plump!
+ Clean up what you eat! Eat lots of vegetables, fruit and wholefoods. Steer clear of processed foods and particularly processed sugar as much as possible. This has made a huge difference to my skin (not to mention energy levels) and when I let the wheels fall off it shows on my skin.
What are your top lifestyle tips that help to bring about a more naturally beautiful you?
+ Again I would have to say sleep! Getting to bed before 10pm and rising early does wonders for your overall wellness.
+ Get outside and soak up some Vitamin D. Go for a walk and get the blood pumping.
+ Do what you love!

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