Natural & Organic Makeup that Heals Your Skin

How to detox my makeup bag?


Improve your complexion with HAUT’s natural and organic vegan makeup range. 

HAUT luxury cosmetics provide an unprecedented range of makeup products for even the most sensitive of skins, containing ingredients like arrowroot powder, glacial clay, organic rose hip oil and jojoba oil that are anti-inflammatory, skin soothing, assist wound repair, and help prevent breakouts.

Beauty Tip: Choose cosmetics that provide skin care benefits as well as coverage.

Beauty Tip: Read the Ingredient list, and avoid DIMETHICONE, TALC, MICA and BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE. These common ‘fillers’ tend to dry out and irritate skin. They fill and permanently stretch the walls of pores, and slowly suffocate skin.

Beauty Tip:  Do your skin and the children of India a favour and avoid MICA. Why? Mica Frosts are very shimmery and because of the way they are cut, the tiny pieces create micro-tears in the skin and cause irritation. Mica Frosts are light as air and can be easily inhaled into the lungs (where they can again create micro-tears in the lungs). They enhance fine lines and dry areas of skin and have no benefit for the skin. Lastly, but most importantly, 60% of mica frosts are linked to child labour, and are mined illegally in India. Go mica-free with your makeup and skincare and end child labor in India. Makeup should be cruelty-free for all.


1. HAUT BB Cream + A Fresh Start brush 
Create a beautiful smooth skin tone with ingredients that prime, hydrate, brighten and tint, as well as providing natural sun protection that is water-resistant. Best applied with the HAUT – A Fresh Start brush to not only help glide on the product smoothly, but also essential to make the BB Cream last longer. (We tend to be a little heavy handed when using our fingertips.)
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2. HAUT Brighteners + Smooth Things Over brush
There’s not much these little pots of Brightener can’t do. Counteract darkness under the eyes, brighten hyper-pigmentation spots, highlight cheekbones. One gentle swipe and blend of the Pink Brightener, with olive oil, shea butter and neem oil, kills any and all shadows around your eyes.
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3. HAUT HDD Cream
If you are looking for a product to compliment your Haut Bio-Foundation but you need more coverage than the BB Cream and a more ‘matte’ finish then this is the product for you. A completely natural and organic coverage that is long-lasting and water-resistant so that the skin is able to breathe all day while being preserved and protected from the elements. A must-have for covering blemishes.
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4. HAUT Bio-Mineral Foundation + Kabuki brush
The natural ingredients work to heal skin long term and clear up congestion. This mica-free mineral foundation allows the skin to breathe so that it can heal itself naturally, with the added benefit of clays and arrowroot to improve and detoxify the skin. Titanium Dioxide-free, so that the colour is true and in photos there is no ‘white face’ effect. Best applied with the vegan Kabuki brush for a flawless finish.
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5. HAUT Aloe Loose Tint + Work it Out brush
After skin has the adequate amount of coverage, these loose pigments are great for sculpting the shape of the face and giving skin a soft, sun-kissed look. Illuminating is the perfect bronzer, He’s the One our favourite blush for that healthy glow to cheeks, whereas Vintage and Marble are the perfect everyday tint for accentuating eyes.
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6. HAUT Aloe Cream Tints
Different brushes will create different effects on eyes and brows. For a dramatic eye, the darker tints can be used to accent the eye shape and are even safe to use on the water line (hello smoky eyes!). The best part is their ability to brighten and smooth while alleviating crepiness with quality plant oils. Like all HAUT products, these little jars are oh so versatile. Martini is our number one go-to for filling in eyebrows for a polished finish as well as beautiful everyday casual colour for eyelids. Or if you need a darker tone, then Vintage is the colour for you. We’re also a little in love with Wildflower which helps green eyes to pop!
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  1. Great article ! I love to use tea tree oil,you can use it for almost skin care and everything and this is going to help me in the winter time 🙂

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