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“A few years ago my nearest and dearest girlfriends started falling pregnant. One by one they would come to me and ask if I could recommend any good creams or oils that helped prevent stretch marks as their bellies grew.

After an extensive amount of research I wasn’t all that impressed with what most women were being recommended to use. So, I mixed together a blend of all the top quality organic oils that are reputed to help prevent and heal stretch marks.

Due to the fact that these women are like sisters to me, I refused to cut any corners and only included the finest quality organic ingredients. One by one I made each of them a bottle of this body oil as a gift and contribution of my love for their friendship.

As the months ticked by, I was overjoyed and delighted to hear that not one of them got any stretch marks. One of my girlfriends even swears that some of her existing stretch marks faded over the months of application.

Years later they are falling pregant for the second time and asking for another bottle of the “magic” stretch mark prevention oil. What was once a bottle of love for my nearest and dearest is now available for every woman to experience, thanks to each of them saying to me: you have to package and sell this to other women!”

Samantha, Be Naturallyou

Sigourney Cantelo, Beauty and Health Director, Vogue Australia

“I used the body oil that Sam gave me religiously every evening after a shower and managed to escape without being left with a single stretch mark. Pretty surprising considering I put on over 20kg during my first pregnancy. I was also putting it on my breasts and thighs and noticed that my existing stretch marks on my thighs have greatly reduced in appearance. I’m currently 8 weeks from delivering baby number two and once again I have religiously used the body oil and at this point still no sign of a single stretch mark on my stomach.” Amanda, Gerringong NSW Australia

“The tummy oil was great! I put on 25 kgs with both pregnancies so my tummy stretched a LOT. But I amazingly didn’t get any stretch marks at all after using the oil. My husband rubbed the oil in every night for the last few weeks/months… it actually was a nice bonding ritual for us and him with the baby too. Whenever I smell the lovely fragrance now it brings back happy memories of the pregnancies.” Tureia, Lane Cove NSW Australia

“I used the Body Oil throughout my first pregnancy and it was very rich and nourishing, I didn’t get a single stretch mark and my skin felt soft and smooth the whole way through. It really helped soothe the skin when it was growing. I’m pregnant again and I again use the Body Oil everyday like a ritual – I just love it!” Olivia, Clovelly NSW Australia

“The oil was most nourishing for myself and the baby. I had no stretch marks whatsoever and would recommend it to anyone.” Sally, Paddington NSW Australia

“The Be Naturallyou body oil SAVED me – not one stretch mark!! Love it. I am so surprised that I have no stretch marks, I put on a LOT of weight so it is unbelievable!” Jess, Australia

” I literally used the Be Naturallyou Body Oil every day of pregnancy and nobody can believe I had no stretch marks given how HUGE I was.” Dani, Australia.

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