No More Dirty Looks Loves Our Haut Pink Brightener


We’re jumping for joy to read that No More Dirty Looks loves our Haut Pink Brightener. If you’re new to the natural beauty scene and aren’t all that familiar with US-based, NO MORE DIRTY LOOKS, let me just give you the short version … it’s a BIG thing to get the thumbs up from these girls. When it comes to genuine natural beauty, they know what they’re talking about.

So, here’s a little snippet about what they had to say about the Haut Pink Brightener:

Best for undereye darkness/circles: HAUT Cosmetics Brighteners. Susannah just recently raved about this brand’s BB Cream, but let me tell you, the undereye brightener in pink has become a can’t-live-without-product for me. When founder Joanne sent it to me, she told me that many of her friends tout it as their desert-island makeup, and I totally see why. I haven’t ever had crazy undereye circles, but some recurring health issues have been messing with my sleep cycle as of late and a shadow of darkness has landed on the delicate skin under my peepers. One gentle swipe and blend of this brightening concealer, with olive oil, shea butter and neem oil, kills any and all shadows around my eyes. I look younger, more awake, more tuned in and happier. I didn’t know a concealer could do such a thing. #Holygrailproduct, right here, friends.


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  1. Suffering from black circles aroun your eyes is really annoying. I will try this BB Cream to get the esult you mentioned. I think it’s ingredients are really of good benifits. As concealrs are one of my daily routine makeup I wish this will give me the result I always needed. Thanks for this artice it is really useful.

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