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Words could never capture just how excited I am to bring PARFUMS LALUN to the family of products. As you know we like to find rare gems that shine brighter than the rest, and this beautiful biodynamic scent does exactly that.

I first experienced the scents of Parfums Lalun a couple of years ago when the maker, Maggie Mahboubian, sent a parcel containing her exquisite range. “La Lune de Miel” was love at first sniff. Since then Maggie and I have been chatting, emailing and skype-ing as she is a boutique manufacturer and creates her products in very small batches from ingredients that she grows within her own biodynamic garden, or ethically wildcrafted from the nearby valley. These precious parfums are as rare as they are desirable. As you can imagine I am jumping for joy and excitement to finally be able to share this heavenly product with you.

La Lune de Miel (“honeymoon” in French and a play on the name “Lalun”) is a perfume that evokes the mystical passion of the honeymoon as a union of sol and luna, gold and silver. This union is symbolized aromatically by the warm honey tone of the beewax/patchouli accord paired with the cool silver of the apothecary rose.

Top note: Coriander, Cinnamon Leaf, Wormwood
Heart note: Rosa Gallica, Raspberry ketone natural, Cumin
Base note: Patchouli, Beeswax absolute, vanilla
Essences in a base of fractionated coconut oil.

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Message from Maggie: “Combining the ancient traditions of Persia with a modern sensibility, all of my products are crafted by hand in micro batches using whole, minimally processed, pure ingredients without the addition of synthetics or extenders. I source ingredients that are safe during manufacture and the botanicals I extract are wild-grown in my biodynamic garden (located in the heart of West Hollywood) or ethically wildcrafted from pristine sources in the Hudson Valley.

PARFUMS LALUN takes my love of botanicals, Persian background and training in architecture to the next level by creating olfactory constructs using a palette of naturally derived essences. I believe in full disclosure, so my perfume notes listed above are my total ingredients. No more hiding behind the word “Fragrance”, because everyone deserves to know what they are putting on their bodies.”

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