PERSONA is a unique method of contraception that identifies the days when you are free to make love without using a contraceptive and when you must abstain from sex*.

It works by monitoring the changes in hormones (luteinising hormone and estrogen) which control your cycle and identifies the days when you are at a significant risk of becoming pregnant.

It comes with Test Sticks and a hand-held monitor. The Test Sticks collect hormones from your first urine of the day and process them into information that the Monitor can read.

The Monitor reads, stores and uses the information from the Test Sticks to let you know whether you are at risk of becoming pregnant (‘Red’ Day) or free to make love without a contraceptive* (‘Green’ Day).

Through its colored lights and display screen your Monitor tells you your contraceptive status.

Contraception can be stressful for the mind and body. PERSONA is a method of contraception that is completely natural and does not involve taking any drugs, i.e. it has no side effects. Unique in the way that it works in harmony with your body, PERSONA is great option to help bring about a more happy, healthy and naturally beautiful you.

*Based on independent trials, PERSONA is 94% reliable when used according to instructions and as the only method if contraception.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know about this great product. It sounds amazing! Do you know if it is available in Australia?

  2. I have actually wanted to know about natural contraception but 94% is still not very effective. Im a very paranoid person when it comes to contraception. Thanks for the great article though.

  3. I understand your concern Bianca. 94% isn’t exactly 100% guaranteed. But other forms of contraception are less effective. For example the diaphragm is supposedly 80-94% effective. And condoms and the contraceptive pill are not 100% effective either. Having tried many different types of contraceptives available and feeling the harmful effect that they had on my body and state-of-mind, I wish someone had told me about the Persona machine earlier. From my point-of-view the contraceptive pill should come with a serious health warning and caution sign, as well as the NuvaRing. The effect that taking synthetic hormones has on your physical body is NOT GOOD, let alone the emotional change it can cause. I guess we are all different and we all have our own choices as to the lifestyle choices we make. My only desire is that we are presented with all the facts, as the pharmaceutical companies certainly do not have our best interest and health in mind.

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