Its quite common for us to pay attention to the health and beauty of our skin, hair, nails, teeth and weight, but how many of us place the same importance and attention on our posture?

Posture can add or subtract up to ten years to how you look. Add to that decreasing flexibility and limited range of motion, and not only do you look aged but you feel old. Posture ought to be one of our top priorities to help maintain our natural health and beauty.

Good posture, however, is learnt.

There are five common senses that are identified and learned from an early age: sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. One overlooked sense, known as proprioception, is as important, if not more important as the other senses, for normal functioning.

Proprioception is the process by which the body can vary muscle contraction in response to incoming information. It’s the sensory feedback mechanisms (our nervous system) for motor control and posture – and it is necessary for learning a type of movement or skill involving muscles.

The BodyBolster™ is a postural support and exercise tool designed by Australian physiotherapists to assist this “feedback process”. By teaching you to actively contract postural muscles, allowing you to maintain strength and stability in the spine, the BodyBolster™ can help to prevent and manage poor posture, increase flexibility and improve range of motion so you feel strong, stay looking younger and perform everyday tasks (like carrying the groceries) without straining the back.

The unique texture of the BodyBolster™ (firm yet malleable) is designed to give gentle feedback to the nervous system to invite a sense of letting go – allowing movement rather than forcing it. This idea of heightened sensory awareness is based on mind-body principles of learning such as in Pilates, Yoga and Feldenkrais.

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Other everyday considerations to help improve posture include:

~ be mindful not to slouch in chairs and on the couch
~ choose to sit in chairs with straight backs or lower-back support
~ when sitting, relax your shoulders, lengthen your spine and raise your head from the crown upwards.
~ when driving move the car seat forward so you can reach the controls without leaning forward and sit straight.
~ when walking or standing for long periods, keep your shoulders and hips in a straight line, your head up and stomach gently pulled in.
~ sleep on a firm mattress

I think it’s safe to say that every natural therapist, practitioner and doctor would agree that improving your posture will help to bring about a more happy, healthy and naturally beautiful you.

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