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I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … the air that I breathe and the feet with which I get to feel the earth. My Manduka yoga mat or the ability to toss aside and make up crazy fun new moves to challenge my balance, focus, alignment and make me sweat and shake a little. Also, my “I am Beautiful Oil” by Ascended Living Health and my “Linen Tinted Moisturizer” by Josie Maran Cosmetics – and did I mention her yummy lip glosses … Ok … Just saying 🙂

I RELAX BY … lying on my amethyst embedded, infrared heated, bio mat – it gets me every time. Although, I must admit to falling asleep without washing my face… Not good. So, preferably, I take my bath beforehand 🙂 What’s a biomat?… It’s a heated piece of heaven that makes you feel as if you are melting into relaxation. We will be selling them on our site soon 🙂

I LIKE TO … dance, sing, see action movies, travel, act, read good books/scripts, walk in nature, hang out with my friends, teach/practice ra’yoKa and, of course, play around, dribble the ball and make it go swoosh into the basket.

I THINK BEAUTY IS … the infinite unfolding of eternal nature that shows us purity, symmetry, goodness, truth and cleanliness. Yes beauty is balance, flow, grace, confidence and authenticity.

MY FRIDGE USUALLY CONTAINS … kale, lemons, avocados, olives, hot sauce, freshly squeezed orange juice and some amazing left over food made by yours truly. I love to cook, feed and love people, by putting my energy into the food that I make them. I also need my raw honey, dates and almond butter for my sweet tooth 🙂

MY EXERCISE ROUTINE IS … I always do one ra’yoKa routine a day. My favorite right now is Level Yellow – Core – that is available on www.rayoka.com. I have also been really getting into Level Blue – Therapeutics and watching it heal a chronic wrist/shoulder injury that I developed in another type of yoga practice. I like to try new things from surfing, snowboarding, tennis, swimming, or jumping on a trampoline or off a waterfall. While far from fearless, I always like to stretch my capabilities. I enjoy it all.

MY FAVOURITE BEAUTY TREATMENT THAT LEAVES ME LOOKING AND FEELING NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL IS … There are many – yoga/ra’yoKa, a bath, meditation, a hot stone massage, a sauna, a cold plunge – not necessarily in that order. When in doubt, free yourself up – cut your hair and let go of the past to purify your body, mind and soul. Also, the beach always leaves me looking and feeling my best. Pray a lot and align with nature … that usually does the trick for me. Oh yeah – if all else fails – to be really honest … After my 3 Week Fresh Start beauty program, when I’m clean on the inside, I do a day at home and beauty mask – with fruits and yogurts on the face. Use papaya on a clean face to get a little quick cheap enzyme peel, then rinse.

MY NUMBER ONE BEAUTY TIP IS … LOVE YOURSELF. Focus on the things you like about yourself and let that expand. Whatever you do – accept, nourish, worship, appreciate and be grateful.

Rainbeau Mars — yes, that’s her real name — was born under a double rainbow in a teepee in the Ozarks. She was raised in Boulder, Colorado in the heart and at the forefront of the health and natural foods industry by her mother, Brigitte Mars, an author and master herbalist, and by her father, Tom Pfeiffer, Uni-Tea founder. Rainbeau spent her teenage years in Hawaii with her godparents, Dr. Light and Dr. Bryan Miller, an Ayurvedic naturopath and an Ayurvedic chiropractor, respectively. Rainbeau’s holistic upbringing led her to an apprenticeship with yoga gurus Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty — both of whom helped shape her career and catapult her to the forefront of the yoga community.

Since 2003, Rainbeau has delivered seven yoga DVDs that have sold over a million copies worldwide. Titles include the highly acclaimed “Zen Mama,” “Yoga for Beauty – Dusk and Dawn” and the four-part “Sacred Vinyasa Flow Series.” Her international renown has landed her covers on magazines such as Natural Solutions, Yoga Journal, Body + Soul, Elephant, Healing Lifestyles and Spas, New Living and books such as Eating For Beauty and Beauty By Nature. She has had numerous TV appearances, including CNN LatAm, ESPN LatAm, Good Day LA, Good Day Colorado, Fashion TV and E! LatAm and Australia. Alongside her teacher training programs, Rainbeau continues to find new ways of sharing her holistic lifestyle secrets to serve the planet and enhance lives around the world.

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