Raw and Pure loves our Suncoat Natural Mascara


What a joy to read that Raw and Pure loves our Suncoat Natural Mascara. Raw + Pure prides itself in finding products that you will love and enjoy using that are completely toxic-free.

So, here’s a little snippet about what the lovely Danielle had to say about the Suncoat Natural Mascara.

“The Best Mascara I Have Found: I have finally (after years of trying many brands!) found a fabulous mascara that looks good, stays put and doesn’t leave you with panda eyes! What else can I say other than if you are after a non-toxic mascara for less than $16 then head on over to Be Naturallyou to grab the SUNCOAT mascara. This sugar-based natural mascara is a truly unique product. Made with natural sugar-based biopolymer, kaolin clay, earth pigments and enriched with vitamin E. Naturally builds lash volume and length. A superior alternative for your sensitive eyes and our environment!”


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