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Would you like to gift yourself 3 days to nurture your body, mind and being? Listening to music that heals; soaking up the colours that you be; experiencing the vibration of crystal essences; and breathing in the scents of herbs, flowers and other botanicals that your being is calling out for … that would be a YES PLEASE from me!!!

My oh so adorable husband is facilitating 2 courses from 16 – 20 June 2016 in Byron Bay. A 3-day experiential course where you can learn how to integrate the potentials of Aura-Soma in to your daily life, as well as sharing it with other people to earn an additional income from. Followed by a 2-day instructor course, if you feel the desire to go on to teach the 3-day experiential course to others.

Can’t wait to see you there.

For further details, and to reserve your space, please email:

aura soma

I’ve been using Aura-Soma in my daily life for the past 5 years and it truly blows me away to think of just how potent those little dual coloured bottles are.

The Equilibrium bottles have a way of showing us what really is going on in our being. From that point, we can either choose to look at it, and step forward in to a greater possibility by embracing the gift and beauty that we be, or not … by indulging in the flip side seduction of negativity.

The way I see it, is this … Aura-Soma is a beautifully magical and indescribable way to gift yourself back to yourself. A possibility to go beyond the conscious mind, to the depths of the sub-conscious, so that your body and being can instinctively tell you what plants, herbs, flowers, crystals and vibrations of colour that it desires to bring about the healing and harmony it requires. It’s as simple as that folks.


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