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Years before I ever imagined I would be working in the beauty industry, and over a decade before organic and natural became popular, I fell in love with MV Organic Skincare. The simple yet stylish packaging first caught my eye, but it was the heavenly hypnotic scent of roses in the creams and oils that won my heart. Never in a million years would I have thought all those years ago that I would one day meet the maker of this luxurious natural and organic skin care range, let alone that she would one day become a friend.

I first met Sharon when a lovely stockist suggested that we catch up as we might have one or two things to chat about. And that we most certainly did. Sharon’s passion and love for what she does and the attention to detail in the way in which she does it is truly inspiring. Her formulations haven’t changed in years. She doesn’t launch a new product every year. And she certainly doesn’t get caught up in beauty trends or buzz words. Quite simply, her products are perfect the way they are. With a cult following around the world; MV is endorsed by everyone from health and beauty journalists, holistic GPs and naturopaths to internationally-renowned makeup artist Dotti, facialist to the stars Nichola Joss, British supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whitely and actors Maggie Gyllenhaal, Melissa George and Emma Watson, to name just a few. And if you’ve ever had a facial from Sharon then you certainly understand what I mean when I say it is more than a facial, more like a complete healing experience. In an industry that is somewhat competitive I feel blessed to have a friend in the industry who has always been ever so helpful. So what a joy it is to be able to share the following oh so wise beauty tips from the lovely Sharon McGlinchey.

What inspired you to create MV Organic Skincare? The lack of petrochemical free skincare on the Australian market in the mid 90’s. I just had no idea it would be virtually impossible to find a cream that was free of petrochemicals. Very last minute, I ended up attending a weekend workshop which taught beauty therapists how to make natural skincare. From that point on I became passionate about minimizing exposure to unnecessary chemicals in skincare and to educating anyone I came in contact with about the can of worms I had inadvertently opened following a serious skin reaction experienced by one of my clients.

MV Organic Skincare

MV Organic Skincare

Why is MV Organic Skincare so beneficial for sensitive skin? I consider MV to be first and foremost a health product. It’s not simply for beautification of the skin but for our overall health and well being. The manufacture process preserves the life force of the majority of the plant oils and all of the essential oils I use – this is due to the very low temperature that these actives are added. I pride myself on the quality of the ingredients I use and the high content of therapeutic grade essential oils. This is why I have always worked closely with Naturopaths and complimentary health professionals. Anthia Koullouros, the first Naturopath I worked with back in the early 90’s said MV is like medicine for the skin. My philosophy is to user fewer ingredients but in higher quantities for greater efficacy. Having my roots in the professional beauty industry, I knew a product not only had to look good, feel good, smell good and be nicely packaged, it also had to work!

Your facials are so much more than a facial, more like a holistic healing experience… Yes, I set about creating the kind of facial I’d always wanted someone to give me. My love of yoga, reiki and meditation strongly influenced the development of what is now called MV Radiance Therapy. It’s very hard to put into words how this treatment makes you feel and I’ve had anything from “I’ve died and gone to heaven” from one of Sydney’s leading beauty writer to “OMG it’s like being on drugs – but in a nice way” from an employee of a top model agency in the UK!!! The experience is always deeply relaxing and often quite profound. We are rarely ‘still’ so when we are amazing things can happen!

Over the years I can imagine you’ve given quite a significant number of facials, whether that be in Australia, the UK or the USA. What are the most common signs that you see in the skin condition of your clients? and are there any recommendations that you seem to be giving more often than less? I have literally performed thousands of facial over the past 20 years and the 3 issues I see and treat most are: 1. Dehydration and imbalanced/blotchy skin due to daily washing with foaming or gel cleansers 2. Sensitivity due to over exfoliation or inappropriate aggressive beauty treatments (I’ve made a healthy living from the aftermath of fruit acid and chemical peels, laser and microdermabrasion!!! 3. Congestion due to poor cleansing – but very easily remedied with a good natural cream cleanser and a nice hot cloth.

What does a daily skin care ritual look like for you? Morning: the MV 3 Min Skin Ritual – finishing with my Rose Moisturiser Evening: the MV 3 Min Skin Ritual – finishing with one of my Skin Boosters or the 9 Oil Skin Tonic. I only ever use oils at night.

What are your top tips for beautiful skin? 1. Get to bed early and have a good nights sleep 2. Eat really well and include lots of Omega 3’s in your diet 3. Keep your skincare routine simple – the more you use the more likely you are to over-stimulate your skin, resulting in breakouts, congestion and blotchiness.

What are you top lifestyle tips that help to bring about a more naturally beautiful you? 1. Don’t ever feel guilty about ‘me time’ – it’s essential, particularly if you’re a woman. We tend to ‘give’ of ourselves a lot more than the average man. It takes some time to master though – I only just stopped apologising for having time to myself a few years ago! 2. Practice yoga or a gentle way of keeping your body in balance. Life is so fast pace I believe we really owe it to ourselves to be kinder to our body. All that thrashing about at a gym does absolutely nothing for my soul – so my advice is do something you really love that is not a chore. 3. Listen to music you loved as a teenager. This makes me feel young and vibrant and I almost forget I’m nearly 50! I always wondered why my Mam was still listening to Elvis in the 80’s but now I know. 4. Find balance in all that you do – extremes are not healthy. This means no guilt when you eat your favourite chocolate or sip on a glass of your favourite wine.

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