5 minutes with natural beauties, Silvie and Maryl

Silvie and Maryl


(SILVIE) I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … Leafy green salads, lime, water, showers, high ceilings, The Vegetable Kingdom, Universal knowledge, creativity, and music.
(MARYL) I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT …  my family (they make sense of it all), limes (they make everything tangy, alkaline, and healthy), books (my favorite thing in the world), and my crackberry (it allows me to do business on the beach…if I want to).

(SILVIE) I RELAX BY … Nourishing and connecting to my spirit by: 1. dancing and singing 2. Organizing every corner of my home. 3. Hiking/running downhill in a lush forest while taking breaks for photograph of what catches my soul. 4. Sitting in my comfy living room after a long shower and feasting my eyes on beautiful home decor or food editorial photography via print magazines or on my iPad.
(MARYL) I RELAX BY … giving myself permission to disconnect and do absolutely nothing – not even think. Music needs pauses.

(SILVE) I LIKE TO … Dance and sing daily. Have daily introspective, silent moments with my self to listen to and have an internal dialogue with my self. Create realities, design spaces, think outside of the box, make my own rules while living in harmony with the laws of the Universe, look at, decipher and play around with HTML, CSS code. And work and snuggle with my husband.
(MARYL) I LIKE TO … be in silence, journal in the morning, go to the most recently released romantic comedy or sci-fi film at The Grove then hop on over to Barnes & Noble to check out the latest Scientific American and Scientific American Mind. Movies excite me and science soothes me.

(SILVIE) I THINK BEAUTY IS … Holistic, and it begins our minds. It’s high frequency, harmonious and peaceful energy that we project. It’s an individual interpretation and projection of our own most harmonious, highest version of our internal being (spirit). If we feel beautiful, we look beautiful. A person can be physically beautiful but if they are conflictive inside, filled with ugly thoughts and negative emotions, the moment they open their mouth to speak and exert their personality they get uglier by the second.
(MARYL) I THINK BEAUTY IS … like a smile: It’s all about manifesting outside what you are/have on the inside. Polish the inside first – your mind, your feelings, your sense of self – and then let that light shine through and onto everything, from food choices to fashion. Beauty is all about discovering who you are, both what connects us all and what makes us unique. Once you have that, everything falls into place and expressing who you are through style and personality comes naturally.

(SILVIE) MY FRIDGE USUALLY CONTAINS … Fresh organic produce: raw nuts & seeds, bee pollen, dark green leaves, limes, red onions, blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, garlic, homemade vegan caesar dressing and vegan pesto.
(MARYL) MY FRIDGE USUALLY CONTAINS … spinach, limes, probiotics, ground flaxseed, berries, 77% extra dark ChocoLove bar (aka “secret stash”), propolis, red onions, garlic, some leftover legume or hummus, kombucha, and a glass bottle filled with cold water.

(SILVIE) MY EXERCISE ROUTINE IS … Dancing, stretching, some yoga, light weights and visualizing any kind of fat melting while my muscles tighten up. I’m actually in the middle of beginning a new exercise routine that I just designed for my self which will focus mainly on strengthening (muscle building). I’m really excited about it. No matter what exercise routine I have, I will always dance and do yoga like stretching.
(MARYL) MY EXERCISE ROUTINE IS … a balanced combo of yoga, weight training with dumbbells, a short run (I’m a three-miler) and lots of dancing to anything from Black Eyed Peas to salsa – whatever makes me sweat.

(SILVIE) MY FAVOURITE BEAUTY TREATMENT THAT LEAVES ME LOOKING AND FEELING NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL IS … Getting 8-9 hours of sleep, having special days of total rest and relaxation, spending time in nature and having frequent deep talks with my mom about universal knowledge.
(MARYL) MY FAVOURITE BEAUTY TREATMENT THAT LEAVES ME LOOKING AND FEELING NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL IS … drinking a green smoothie with celery, spinach, apple, cucumber, and lime (always lime). And dancing until I look like I just came out of a pool.

(SILVIE) MY NUMBER ONE BEAUTY TIP IS … For the body: eat an alkaline 80% raw organic plant based diet, for the mind: master your emotions, and always remember that beauty is, at its core, an energy projection of your spirit that connects with someone else’s spirit who is on your same frequency.
(MARYL) MY NUMBER ONE BEAUTY TIP IS … really, truly, deeply love and accept yourself. Nothing prettier than that. But to do that, you need to dig deep and find out what love and acceptance really look like – from thoughts to words and behavior. And that’s where the work begins.

Silvie Celiz and Maryl Celiz are holistic life coaches and inspirational speakers – Human System Optimizers passionate about helping upgrade people’s minds and transform their lives from the inside out.

Born in Peru and raised in the United States, the sisters and best friends grew up in a house with a strong mother committed to self-improvement and spirituality, who raised them to be holistic before they even knew what that meant. Silvie and Maryl came to understand that health is an integrative lifestyle, but it was a concept they didn’t see much of outside of their house. They also realized that people were operating with outdated thoughts, concepts and ideas that limited their full potential as optimal human beings.

With the belief that people are responsible for their own well-being and capable of achieving it when they’re motivated and informed, the duo decided to launch HLifeMedia.com, a bilingual holistic health resource with information on the mind and body, plant-based recipes, emotions, relationships, conscious living, spirituality, and more, to help people transform their thoughts and live a life they love.

HLife shortly evolved into Silvie+Maryl, a multimedia holistic lifestyle brand that now offers video, articles, coaching based on the sisters’ Wellness MindApps™ signature system, which upgrades mind concepts by integrating and optimizing four key areas of life: spirituality, love, nutrition, and design. Silvie and Maryl work together as Human System Optimizers (HSO), making a holistically healthy and thriving lifestyle simple, sexy, and possible for individuals everywhere.

As pioneers in the field of holistic living, Silvie and Maryl have been featured in various events and media, such as Angeleno Magazine, Women of the Green Generation, Maria Shriver’s The Women’s Conference, and Univision’s lifestyle show, Tu Estilo. They currently reside in Los Angeles.

To read more about Silvie and Maryl visit www.silvieandmaryl.com

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  1. Some fantastic beauty tips! Looking forward to incorporating them into my beauty regieme.

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