FOUNDER OF suki® clinically proven natural solutions™ skincare

I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … sadly, my iPhone.

I RELAX BY … watching specific TV shows I love … like Once Upon a Time and Splash, The Big C and Nurse Jackie 🙂 … I admit it!

I LIKE TO … take long baths followed by luxurious body oil, stay in bed late on weekends or any time I can, change my sheets as often as possible, and cook.

I THINK BEAUTY IS … confidence (meaning facing one’s fears) and always coming from a place of love.

MY FRIDGE USUALLY CONTAINS … tons of sparkling water.

MY EXERCISE ROUTINE IS … 3 days a week I practice ballroom dance about 2 1/2-3 hours, compete about 8 times a year. I’m trying to consistently supplement with Insanity and yoga.

MY FAVOURITE BEAUTY TREATMENT THAT LEAVES ME LOOKING AND FEELING NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL IS … exfoliation – an immediate chance in skin appearance and feeling, doing an at home basic honey facial treatment, brushing my hair with rosemary oil nightly, being able to take my time in the bath or shower and follow with taking my time with body moisturizer! (a luxury I don’t often get)

MY NUMBER ONE BEAUTY TIP IS … self-awareness, in particular here, watch your posture when you do things so your neck is saved, shoulders are kept low and shake it out, do a little stretching once every hour – and be aware of your face when you do things like typing, texting and other such intensive activities (relax the facial muscles or try to smile when you are doing things like this…you’ll get better and less frown lines!).


Suki Kramer has dedicated her life to research & sharing that knowledge of how the body processes everything that surrounds us, from the food we eat to the products we absorb into our skin. After years of collaboration with cosmetic chemists & traditional herbalists, her vision, “evolutionary skincare,” came to life to innovate to a completely new skincare formula – suki® clinically proven natural solutions™ skincare.

When Suki founded suki® in 2002, she set out to revolutionize the skin care industry. Her team uses the purest of ingredients & she leads her suki® innovation lab™ through every step of the formulation process from hand-selecting raw materials, to creating an entirely new aesthetic – beginning with her suki® proprietary botanic concentrate™ & blending with high percentages of scientifically-advanced cosmeceutical actives in 100% natural bases. Suki then clinically-tests each formula for effectiveness bringing products that outperform leading synthetic brands.

Suki’s mission is to provide efficacy, excellence, integrity & authenticity in everything her company does, from their responsible business practices to the ongoing efforts in the support of non-profit organizations & charities. She hopes to lead this “skincare evolution” in responsible & ethical practices that will positively affect the world around us. Suki always continues to search for new information, helping us all demand the very best for ourselves & our environment & share that information with the world in the form of education & amazing products.

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