5 minutes with natural beauty, Summer Rayne Oakes

Summer Rayne Oakes



I RELAX BY … unwinding in my hammock with a good book.

I LIKE TO … go trail running on the weekends.

I THINK BEAUTY IS … a deep, textured mind.

MY FRIDGE USUALLY CONTAINS … distilled herbal teas.

MY EXERCISE ROUTINE IS … running, cardio, dance, and stretch.


MY NUMBER ONE BEAUTY TIP IS … wear sunscreen.

Summer Rayne Oakes was reclaiming mine sites, researching sewage sludge, and restoring forestlands when she was struck with the idea that style—and how we live our life—would be a far more effective means to connect people to the natural world. Graduating Cornell University cum laude with degrees in Environmental Science and Entomology, Oakes began to bridge her interest in ecological systems to industries that affect our everyday life—from what we wear to what we eat.

This journey has led her to over a decade of experience infusing sustainable-thinking and practices into the heart of the fashion, beauty and food industries. Most recently Oakes has been focused on sustainable food systems and our connection to what we eat. She has worked closely on the launch of numerous companies including Good Eggs, a farmers market meets online grocer and Foodstand, a food-savvy community app that helps people eat better. In 2014, she founded SUGARDETOX.ME to help people come to terms with their sugar tooth. She has released her first cookbook and guide based on the website in March 2017 with Sterling Publishing. And in the same month, she launched the blog and YouTube Channel, Homestead Brooklyn, to help people become more attuned to nature in the city through the simple things: a potted plant, a farmers market apple, or even a walk through the botanical gardens.

Though food has been a core focal point, Oakes is most known for her work in the world of fashion. She is recognized as the first “eco-model,” a term bestowed originally by Grist to describe her values-based modeling. Over the past seven years, she has co-founded Source4Style (now called Le Souk), an award-winning, venture-backed marketplace that connects thousands of designers to sustainable material suppliers around the world; authored the best-selling book Style, Naturally; served as a correspondent on Discovery Networks; designed environmentally-preferable lines with Payless, Portico and Modo eyewear; and served as the muse for Toyota’s Prius C (they even went so far as to name a paint colour in her honor).

Oakes serves on the board of the Mezimbite Forest Centre and works closely with organizations such as Rainforest Action Network and Gaia Amazonas. You may often see her in Brooklyn walking her African millipedes or flexing her green thumb in her copious indoor plant gardens.

To read more about Summer Rayne Oakes visit www.summerrayne.net

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  1. Hi ,
    I like your idea to be connected to the nature and be an example for others . Just personally I think only vegan people can do it properly, living , loving and caring about all creatures , all that include in term “nature”.
    No jugments , just my opinion .
    Thanks .

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