Living with Aura-Soma

You could say that I fell in to the beauty of Aura-Soma® by accident. Or you could say that it was destiny. I say destiny … because when I was a little girl of about 8 years of… Read More

Save the Date

Would you like to gift yourself 3 days to nurture your body, mind and being? Listening to music that heals; soaking up the colours that you be; experiencing the vibration of crystal essences; and breathing in the scents… Read More

Tried and Tested: AEOS

Active Energised Organic Skincare (AEOS) is a product range that I first came across a number of years ago, and instantly fell in love with. Reason being (short version) … I was attending a beauty expo in the… Read More


Aura-Soma has been aptly described as a “non-intrusive, self-selective soul therapy.” The succinct phrase perfectly identifies the system as a new paradigm in enhanced wellbeing, one based on recognizing the inherent wisdom within each of us. The Aura-Soma… Read More