5 minutes with Tonia Walker

FOUNDER OF IME NATURAL PERFUME Tonia Walker – the creator of ime natural perfume – has nailed it! Not only are the fragrances natural, vegan, ethical and free from toxins (that bring on those awful headaches so commonly… Read More

5 minutes with natural beauty, Alex Power

RAW FOOD CHEF, KUNDALINI YOGA TEACHER AND VARIOUS OTHER ‘HEALING’ METHODS AND MAGIC FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE GARDEN I first met Alex when I was about 3 years old. My mum and her mum are friends, so,… Read More

The Real Beauty Manifesto

We’re doing little cartwheels of joy to share the news with you that Be Naturallyou shop has joined the Real Beauty Manifesto – symbolising new standards of openness and transparency within the beauty industry. As you know, we take words… Read More

5 minutes with natural beauty, Cherida Forde

FOUNDER OF YOGA PILATES ACTIVE I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … Apart from stating the obvious of being my amazing, supportive and loving family and friends, it would have to be my daily exercise! It sets up my day… Read More

5 minutes with natural beauty, Kelly Lynch

COACH, BLOGGER, GLOBAL FRIEND Kelly Lynch is one of the most gorgeous women I feel fortunate to know. She adds a little more joy to my mornings (when I’m home in Australia) with her infectious smile and energy…. Read More

5 minutes with natural beauty, Eleanor Pendleton

FOUNDER OF GRITTY PRETTY I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … the ones who mean the most to me. I RELAX BY … meditating overlooking the ocean and doing reformer pilates classes a few times a week. I LIKE TO …… Read More

5 minutes with natural beauty, Chutisa Bowman

GLOBAL BUSINESS ADVISOR, AUTHOR, SPEAKER AND PRAGMATIC FUTURIST I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … my CURIOSITY. For me, curiosity is what makes life fun. In my view, curiosity is the greatness of life on earth. “What else is possible,… Read More

5 minutes with natural beauty, Emmily Banks

NATURAL MAKE-UP ARTIST AND HAIR STYLIST I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … the beach! The healing and calming energy of the ocean is a big part of balancing my life. I have always lived within a 5 minute walk to… Read More

Miann Scanlan

5 MINUTES WITH NATURAL BEAUTY, MIANN SCANLAN: STYLE & WELLBEING, LIFE ENTHUSIAST   I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … the ocean. I RELAX BY …practising yoga by the sea. I LIKE TO … get lost in adventure novels. I THINK… Read More


5 MINUTES WITH NATURAL BEAUTY, SOPHIE HART: STYLE DIRECTOR AT SOPHIE HART STYLING (SHS)   I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … Exercise. Great food. Engaging conversation … in that order, preferably with a coffee in between exercise and food!… Read More