Postcards from My Veggie Garden

  Many of you have asked why we don’t have a huge range of inner beauty / nutrition products on our shop … I really do not wish to insult you, as I know you are all savvy… Read More

Beauty from within

  1. YAEYAMA PACIFICA chlorella ; 2. OLIVE LEAF AUSTRALIA olive leaf extract ; 3. Udo’s 3 • 6 • 9 Oil Blend® ; 4. LIFESTREAM biogenic aloe vera juice ; 5. POWER SUPERFOODS maca powder ; 6. LOVING EARTH gubinge… Read More

5 minutes with natural beauty, Amy Crawford

HEALTH AND WELLNESS PRACTITIONER AND FOUNDER OF THE HOLISTIC INGREDIENT I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … my warm glass of filtered water, raw apple cider vinegar and fresh lemon juice, every single morning. It’s one of those habits that has… Read More

5 minutes with natural beauty, Shireen Collett-Smith

CREATOR OF THE HEALTHFUL HUB’s DETOX IN A BOX & MORINGA ORGANICS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … well obviously my Moringa, Hence why I started a whole company just to be able to bring it here from my Mum’s… Read More

5 minutes with natural beauty, Hayley Richards

RAW & PLANT-BASED FOODIST, HOLISTIC HEALTH COACH & CERTIFIED PLANT-BASED NUTRITIONIST I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … two things, cuddles from my gorgeous girls and my hunky man! My family make me incredibly happy and keep me focused on… Read More


OK, so I must confess, this recipe was born as an accident, wondering what to make for dinner with VERY limited fresh ingredients in the fridge, and hungry tummies on a cold wintery night, with a sprinkle of… Read More

nutritious and delicious smoothie

It’s very easy to make unhealthy choices when healthy alternatives aren’t close at hand. Smoothies are my favourite mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. All the ingredients can remain fresh in the fridge and freezer for weeks. Smoothies are also… Read More

chia seed ‘porridge’

One of my favourite breakfast meals! So quick. So easy. So nutritious. So satisfying. Perfect for anyone who is time-poor in the mornings. serves 2 1/4 cup chia seeds 1 cup almond, rice or hemp “milk” fresh berries… Read More

Hippocrates (the Father of Modern Medicine) wrote: “Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” This could not be more eloquently said. Everything we eat and drink either strengthens or weakens our health and wellbeing. Every… Read More

vegan lasagne

Easy to make but time consuming. So best prepared when you have a couple of hours to relax in the kitchen with some good tunes playing in the background to help infuse a little extra happiness and love… Read More