5 minutes with natural beauty, Eleanor Pendleton

FOUNDER OF GRITTY PRETTY I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … the ones who mean the most to me. I RELAX BY … meditating overlooking the ocean and doing reformer pilates classes a few times a week. I LIKE TO …… Read More


5 MINUTES WITH NATURAL BEAUTY, KATE LANSELL-SMITH: INTERNATIONAL MODEL, WRITER AND BODY IMAGE ADVOCATE   There’s really only one word to describe Katie : beautiful! Beautiful to look at, beautiful on the inside, beautiful from the side, from… Read More

Dominique Christina

5 MINUTES WITH NATURAL BEAUTY, DOMINIQUE CHRISTINA: WRITER, POET, VOCALIST, AND TEACHER   I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … language and the full and deliberate expression of it. I RELAX BY … reading, by gardening, by listening to the… Read More