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Teisha Lowry



I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … love and passion.

I RELAX BY … I meditate everyday, no matter where and when with the help of my Zen Perfume Balm. I’ll always have time for it, its important to get ME time, so I’m level headed and not feeling irritable or foggy.

I LIKE TO … do what I love and that’s working harmoniously with humanity and the environment by respecting Mother Nature and giving back to my community.

I THINK BEAUTY IS … Everybody is beautiful. I am certainly lucky that I have a partner who tells me everyday that I am beautiful, I have a great group of friends and family that like to remind me that I am, I think people need to say it more and more because you begin to believe it. I was once in a toxic relationship and he use to tell me I was fat and I would never look like a model and I believed him and it affected me in a huge way – physically and emotionally, but I think you need to surround yourself with people that see the beauty inside of you because it shines, and it attracts more beauty and you will find it everywhere!

MY FRIDGE USUALLY CONTAINS … a lot of raw veggies and all organic, grass-fed free-range eggs and meats, raw cheese, cream and milk, loads of herbs, apple cider vinegar, probiotics, apples for my bunny, flaxmeal and an endless supply of coconut water… My Metabolic Type requires these foods daily.

MY EXERCISE ROUTINE IS … I train with my fiancé almost everyday and we train a lot outdoors – all year ‘round. I have to do yoga/stretch/breathing session in the morning because it’s part of my morning ritual – if not I feel all tight and tense. I walk and run with interval workloads, which is less stressful, yet more effective. I also do a lot of Pilates at CorPilates Prahran.

MY FAVOURITE BEAUTY TREATMENT THAT LEAVES ME LOOKING AND FEELING NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL IS … my Extra Virgin Coconut Oil! I take it internally and because our Coconut Oil is unrefined you can use it for many beauty and hair treatments, as it helps replenish the skin with new and quality skin cells.

MY NUMBER ONE BEAUTY TIP IS … diet – your skin is the window to your health.


Australian entrepreneur Teisha Lowry is the brains and natural beauty behind ‘INDAH’ – a deluxe range of purely organic body care, perfume and virgin coconut oil.

With her unique beauty and effervescent presence, Teisha has established herself as a highly respected model and spirited individual in both the fashion and beauty worlds. Raised in the small outback mining town of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia Teisha trained to become a professional ballet dancer before she was model-scouted 18 years of age. After competing in the national Girlfriend Magazine model search, Teisha’s modelling career saw her become the face of a number of high profile national advertising campaigns, including Volkswagen and Triumph lingerie.

After forging a long and successful career as a high fashion model Teisha is now passionately committed to spreading the unity of truth and beauty. With a business diploma from RMIT University and a Masters in Aromatherapy behind her, Teisha has proven herself as a savvy business woman.

In 2008 she launched INDAH, which is now produced in Australia using only certified organic ingredients, sustainable beauty and ethical values that are at the heart of the brand’s identity. In 2012 she launched the first designer perfume ‘Heartwood’ for iconic Australian fashion label Alice McCall at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Teisha is part of a small minority in the beauty industry working actively to create honest products with the best constitution of pure ingredients. Designed by Teisha herself, INDAH products use only organic ingredients such as virgin coconut oil, herbs, spices, fruits and flowers. The brand is not just about the products; it’s about enhancing the natural radiance of all mind-body types, through education and nurturing the truth in beauty.

With maturity, Teisha is passionate about promoting humanitarian causes including campaigns for the Borneo Orangutan Foundation, deforestation for the use of Palm Oil and disaster relief in Australia. Teisha’s natural and organic approach towards the wellbeing of mind and body are reflected in the full range of INDAH beauty products.

For more information about Teisha and Indah please visit www.indah.com.au
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3 Comments on “5 minutes with natural beauty, Teisha Lowry

  1. do the products contain palm oil or animal derivatives? Thanks

  2. ^^no they certainly do NOT contain palm oil or animal derivatives and the products are not tested on animals. Teisha is adamant about not using these kinds of ingredients and she is also the ambassador for the Borneo Orangutan Foundation. Her products are so wonderfully pure, take a look at her website to see for yourself. I live in the USA and I haven’t found anything that matches her creations here!

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