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I am forever grateful and deeply inspired by people who live their lives boldly; those who aren’t afraid to take that leap of faith in to the unknown; to follow their heart and take risks so that their dreams can perhaps one day become a reality; to create new dreams; to step up and challenge the “norms” and what society conditions us to believe as “real” or “truth”; those who seek consciousness, to “wake up” from the disillusions of what it means to live, to be successful and to be happy.

When it comes to “health” there are so many different points-of-view about what we should and shouldn’t do, as well as the so called “truths” of how and why we become sick.

It’s my belief (as well as many others’) that sometimes when we get dis-ease in the body, it has nothing to do with “catching a virus” or “catching a bug” or pulling a muscle, but more so to do with some other underlying emotional issue or unresolved issue from the past; and sometimes we create the dis-ease, pain or discomfort ourselves on the subconscious level, and other times something different altogether, beyond our rational thinking mind.

Life today is fast paced. Most of us are faced with stress on a day-to-day basis whether it be physically, emotionally or spiritually. It is inevitable that most of us will come across challenges in our day-to-day life. In order to achieve optimum wellness and inner harmony, we need to learn how to deal with those challenges and nurture ourselves on all levels, inside and out.

If this point-of-view interests you then I strongly encourage you to watch a fab new documentary called THE CURE IS…. A revolutionary film that dispels the myth that most of our disease is genetic – facts show less than 10% of all disease is passed on through genes. THE CURE IS… proves that our thoughts, beliefs and unresolved emotions may be one of the greatest threats to our health. Inspired through personal accounts of people who overcame extreme health challenges, when doctors had lost hope and given them just days to live, this fabulous documentary explains that there is one major factor that may determine whether we stay healthy or succumb to a disease – and its within our control.

thecureis“I looked at what’s happening in our world today, and realised that we’re in the middle of a disease epidemic that threatens our very existence as human beings—I learned genetics do not change as rapidly as statistics represent and there must be other factor(s) that most are not considering,” says THE CURE IS… filmmaker David Scharps.

“What I found, after speaking to medical experts, scientists and scholars was a revelation. For generations we’ve thought that the main cause of serious illness was due to genetics. This turns out to be absolutely false! We’ve found that only five to 10 percent of disease is faulty genetics, the rest of our disease issues are within our control,” says Scharps.

We now know that our body releases chemicals that either support our health or can destroy it, all based upon what we think and feel,” says Scharps. “We’ve examined how our thoughts communicate with our heart and then our brain, which releases chemicals that either keep us healthy or break down our immune system and allow for disease. This revelation has highlighted an incredible relationship between our emotions and our health.”

“Our emotions may be the most overlooked aspect to good health.”

Experts featured in THE CURE IS… include stem cell biologist and author Dr Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief), spiritual teacher and author Marianne Williamson (The Age of Miracles), leading health authority Paul Chek, scientist, visionary and scholar Gregg Braden, internationally recognised cancer expert Dr Bernie Siegel, fitness expert Tony Horton, physician and nutritional researcher Dr Joel Fuhrman, internationally recognised authority on bridging science, spirit and human possibility Dr Sue Morter and nutritionist Deanna Latson.

THE CURE IS… will premiere on on November 11.
Twitter: @thecureis

ABOUT THE FILMMAKER: First-time filmmaker and former millionaire, David Scharps, spent his last dollars to make THE CURE IS… While always holding the belief he needed to be wealthy in order to make a difference and find love—he discovered both without a penny in his pocket. THE CURE IS… is the culmination of two years’ work and a passion to uncover what it is that really ensures good health.

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