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I first met Theme through one of my oldest and dearest girlfriends. I hadn’t seen Alex in 25+ years, but always held the early memories of us playing when we were little very close to my heart. So when I heard the news that she was back  in Australia, I jumped at the opportunity to catch up with her. So, Alex invites me over to dinner at her place with a group of people and she makes a delicious raw vegan meal, with the most adorable dog running in the backyard and two fluffy rabbits hanging out on the grass too  … yep, a little haven of bliss. I get chatting to one of Alex’s friends, Theme Rains, who is equally as gorgeous and inspiring as my old friend, and voila … Theme shares the story about her organic skin care range, and organic baby care range that is made only an hour’s drive away from my house in northern NSW. Theme’s story and beauty care is way too beautiful not to share. 

I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT … my heart-felt connection to Spirit which nurtures my being via every breath and manifests itself in all the amazing people, places, animals and experiences that fill my life with so much joy and inspiration.

I RELAX BY … taking a few deep breaths and surrendering into the mystery of present moment awareness. And whenever I can, I spend time by the ocean or in the rainforest which always deeply soothes and restores me. I also love to relax body and spirit by taking a warm candle-lit bath infused with organic essential oils like Lavender, Geranium and Rose, herbs, salts and healing energies.

I LIKE TO … gather organic botanicals direct from the growers, research all their incredible healing benefits and then play with combining them in new synergies for skin care and natural beauty rituals. I feel in awe of the potency of nature and so grateful to be able to surround myself with their precious offerings in the form of herbs, essential oils, clays and extracts in my organic lab.

I FEEL BEAUTY IS … an inherent and ageless radiance that shines through us when we live from our Heart. I believe we nurture our beauty by living consciously, respecting our body and the earth with the purest of ingredients and life-positive choices.

MY FAVOURITE BEAUTY TREATMENT THAT LEAVES ME LOOKING AND FEELING NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL IS … a whole body exfoliation, followed by a massage, Synthesis chakra balance and facial with luxurious organic products, applied with a loving conscious healing touch.

MY NUMBER ONE BEAUTY TIP IS … to be happy – it makes you glow!

Of course I would also say, avoid toxins and only use natural nutrient rich products that care for your health, inside and out, thus promoting youthful radiance at any age.

And the best skincare tip – use a serum to quickly correct any skin imbalances and boost your skin’s natural beauty by carrying actives deeply into your skin. For example Synthesis Brighten Vit C Serum will naturally lighten and brighten your skin, evening the skin tone, whereas Synthesis Replenish Elixir will firm, hydrate and smooth away fine lines.


Starting with our own being, connecting with our heart and truly loving and accepting ourselves, and then allowing that to flow out to all our relationships and through all our actions. This is not new wisdom, but if the whole world suddenly understood and chose Love as our primary responsibility, transcending fear and exploitation, what great wonders we could co-create!

WHAT IS IT INSPIRES YOU TO DO WHAT YOU DO? I feel so grateful for the people and the healing influences that have touched and transformed my life, expanding my consciousness and supporting me to grow and flower in ways i never knew possible.

Synthesis has emerged out of this journey, as an expression of the healing presence that is my guiding light. Everyday i am inspired by the wonder and mystery of life, and the magnificence of nature. To be able to ‘bottle’ some of this to share and nurture others in their journey of self-discovery and flowering is a great joy and the inspiration for what I do.


For over a decade Theme has immersed herself in learning, experiencing and practising alternative healing modalities, especially energy work, both in Australia and internationally.

“In discovering more about consciousness and our innate desire and capacity to live in harmony, I felt a profound sense of responsibility for the sacred gift of life, a passion for truth, and the care of the earth and all living things. Skincare, wellbeing products and holistic treatments that nurture and enrich the living process seemed a natural way to express this. Synthesis products are an expression of the healing influences that have shaped my life, a synthesis of the many unique talents of people, principles, natural elements and modalities with a healing presence to share.”

Theme currently owns several brands: Synthesis, First Love and First Light. She has also co-founded an award winning organic, Fair trade, eco-lifestyle shop and conscious wellbeing centre in the heart of Tyalgum, inland from Murwillumbah on the northern coast of NSW.

All Synthesis products are certified organic by OFC in Australia, are safety and efficacy tested without animals, and do not contain any animal products. They are free from synthetics, irritants, GMO’s, formaldehyde-producing preservatives and non-naturally derived ingredients, and they are packaged and produced with environmental responsibility.

Synthesis Organics website
First Love Organics website
First Light Organics is lovingly available at www.benaturallyyou.com

First Light Organics

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