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Tonia Walker – the creator of ime natural perfume – has nailed it! Not only are the fragrances natural, vegan, ethical and free from toxins (that bring on those awful headaches so commonly triggered by conventional fragrances), they are created with love and an incredible awareness about the correlation between colour and scent, otherwise known as cross-synaethesia.

What a joy it is to be able to take a peek inside Tonia’s mind, and hear all about the story behind her beautiful collection.

What inspired you to create IME Natural Perfume?

A much needed European holiday with my husband back in 2008. We were exhausted and uninspired before leaving, but its amazing what travel can do for igniting your happy again. One day after a trip to the Ufizzi Gallery in Florence, the idea came when I realised that all the beautiful paintings surrounding us were of women that had itty bitty titties, pot bellies and curvy hips – these were the Muses for the most famous painters of all time. I wanted women (ie. Me!) to embrace their beauty and passion for life again and thought the best way to do that was to inspire a change, and who better to do this than the ladies themselves – the 9 muses of Greek mythology. And the rest is history!

What makes IME unique and ethical? From the very start IME was always about the experience, not necessarily the fact that they are a range of natural perfumes. The experience came first, IME is a brand based on being able to inspire change even if it is subtle. A change in mood can instantly make a change in your thoughts which can then make a change in your actions. Fragrance was then the most logical way of making this happen as the sense of smell is the only sense directly linked to the brain (via the olfactory nerve), and the part of the brain responsible for our memories and emotions. A change in mood can be instant.

What makes us ethical? I believe its not hard to be nice to people or the planet and everything else in between. I have tried to create a business where I can choose a better option where-ever possible ie paper over plastic, natural over synthetic, local over offshore, which is not always easy when you are first starting out and trying to manufacture 9 fragrances at once! Some compromises have had to be made, but overall we strive to keep things simple, local, natural, genuine & real. If something doesn’t feel right, I generally will search for a better option until it does (which usually ends up costing a little more, but it is peace of mind I’ve made the right choice). I am a conscious consumer and so I treat my business with a conscious too.

As you know I have fallen in love with a couple of your fragrances based on the colours that I am naturally drawn to. Can you please explain a little about how each colour relates to the blend of oils you created?

My approach to creating these fragrances has always been a holistic one. So when capturing the essence of each muse, I made sure there was a few oils in there that enhanced each girls attributes/ mood they inspire, as well as assigning them the appropriate colour. So for example, one of your favourites being terpsichore [expressive] – She is the muse of dance, a free spirit. Her colour had to be blue, the chakra colour for communication and self expression. Some of the oils said to be associated with the blue chakra are chamomile & ylang ylang, both of which I have included in this fragrance. I carried this formula across all muses & fragrances, some a little more loose than others given that pink and black are not part of your main 7 chakras, they are colours that are traditionally associated with ‘beauty’ (pink) & ‘elegance’ (black). So together, they are designed to inspire a change in mood.

What is your number one natural beauty tip? A friend once told me that your face ends at your boobs, I don’t know why this made sense, but it did, and so I have covered my face to my boobs with a facial moisturiser ever since. 😉

What you’ll love about Tonia’s beautifully unique IME natural perfumes:

  • The fragrances are pure botanical essential oils sourced from around the world.
  • The base is a botanical ethanol (grain or cane) from locally produced Australian sources. (Gluten & GMO free).
  • FREE of artificial and animal fragrances, colours, phthalates, parabens or synthetic ingredients.
  • A whole lot of inspiration!

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