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I recently came across Lalun Seasonal Skincare and thought “how interesting”. Reason being, is that the type of yoga I practice each morning is called Zen Ki – a Japanese form of yoga based on shiatsu therapy and oriental medicine – aligning and supporting the body with the changes of the seasons. Different movements for different times of the year all based around the seasons. I love this concept, as I certainly notice a change in my body as the months go by. So, naturally, I thought what a fabulous idea it was that Maggie Mahoubian has embraced with her Seasonal Skincare.

Lalun Eye/Lip Balm

Lalun Eye/Lip Balm

It might sound complicated but really quite the opposite, Lalun offers a simple regimen that recognizes the skin’s response to the seasonal rhythms of the year. Lalun products are designed to help the skin rebalance itself each season. Makes perfect sense to me. So with a trip to Switzerland on the horizon with minus degree temperatures, I thought what better opportunity to road test the Lalun Eye and Lip Treatment.

Spending most my life in the sunshine and surf of Australia, the cold and me are very much strangers. Yes, I love getting all rugged up to enjoy the winter snow but my skin is still getting accustomed to this new novelty.

After a week of exposing my face to -10 degree chills, wind, snow, sunshine and 30,000 feet altitude of Zermatt, I was jumping for joy to still have soft smooth lips and a lovely healthy glow to the delicate skin around my eyes, thanks to that little convenient pot of Lalun Eye and Lip Treatment that I carried in my pocket everywhere with me.

What I tried: Lalun EYE/LIP Treatment – 1/2 oz/15g
A lightweight and fast absorbing nutritive balm for the delicate skin around the eye area or lips.  Lalun’s own jasmine is infused into wild crafted palm butter using the enfleurage method. For use at night or under makeup during the day. Can also be used to soften and condition cuticles. Vegan

What’s in it:
**Virgin Coconut Oil, *Jasmine infused ethically wildcrafted Palm Butter, **Jojoba Oil, **Argan Nut Oil, Squalane, *Candelilla Wax, Tocopherols GMO free, **Rosemary Leaf Extract, *Carrot Seed Oil, *Jasmine Oil, *Ylang Ylang Oil, *Rose Geranium Oil, Myrrh Oil.
**Certified Organic, *Organic or wildcrafted.

What I particularly love about Lalun: The Lalun philosophy that personal care products should be as nourishing, fresh and basic as the food we eat. That they should also function according to individual needs and recognize seasonal changes. “The human body is a masterpiece of evolution with an intelligence of its own. At Lalun Seasonal Skin Care we believe in listening to the body and understanding how it interacts with its natural context.”

Oh … and did I mention that Lalun has a biodynamic farm in West Hollywood where they source their seasonal botanical ingredients; and a family homestead in the pristine Hudson Valley where their ethically wildcrafted ingredients are sourced. Cool huh! Of course there are lots of other cool things about Lalun, so what are you waiting for … check out their PROFILE PAGE in the Be Naturallyou Brand Directory and learn more about this fab skin care range.

Parfums Lalun "La Lune de Miel" Natural Perfume

Parfums Lalun “La Lune de Miel” Natural Perfume

What I also tried: Parfums Lalun “La Lune de Miel” Natural Perfume
Maggie kindly included a little sample vial of one of the scents from her Natural Perfume range. You see, the challenge of formulating pleasant and lasting scents for her skin care initiated Maggie to explore making perfumes with natural essences. And what a joy that she took this challenge, as “La Lune de Miel” is heavenly!! Not much more to say other than it smells absolutely beautiful.

The meaning of this particular fragrance is “Honeymoon” in French and a play on the name Lalun. “La Lune de Miel” is a perfume that evokes the mystical passion of the honeymoon.

What’s in it: Coriander, Cinnamon Leaf, Wormwood, Rosa Gallica, Raspberry ketone natural, Cumin, Patchouli, Beeswax absolute, and vanilla in a base of fractionated coconut oil

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